Loboscelidia striolata Yao, Liu & Xu,

Kimsey, Lynn S., 2012, Review of the odd chrysidid genus Loboscelidia Westwood, 1874 (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae, Loboscelidiinae), ZooKeys 213, pp. 1-40: 26-27

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Loboscelidia striolata Yao, Liu & Xu


Loboscelidia striolata Yao, Liu & Xu 

Loboscelidia striolata  Yao, Liu & Xu, 2010: 528. Holotype male; China: Guangdong Prov., Nanking National Nature Reserve (SCAC).

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Loboscelidia striolata  may very well be part of the species group discussed under Loboscelidia castanea  and Loboscelidia collaris  , characterized by a triangular frontal projection, complete scrobal sulcus and complete notauli. However, the published description and images do not show the mesopleuron clearly enough to determine whether the scrobal sulcus is present or not. If it does have a scrobal sulcus then Loboscelidia striolata  may be synonymous with Loboscelidia sinensis  . Both Loboscelidia striolata  and Loboscelidia sinensis  share similar head, wing vein, flagellar and leg flange dimensions. They appear to differ in the dimensions of the scape, which 3 × as long as broad in Loboscelidia striolata  and twice as long as broad in Loboscelidia sinensis  and possibly in the presence of the scrobal sulcus in Loboscelidia sinensis  .