Antarctobius Fairmaire, 1885,

Morrone, Juan J., 2013, The subtribes and genera of the tribe Listroderini (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Cyclominae): Phylogenetic analysis with systematic and biogeographical accounts, ZooKeys 273, pp. 15-71: 44-45

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Antarctobius Fairmaire, 1885


Antarctobius Fairmaire, 1885  Fig. 31

Antarctobius  Fairmaire, 1885: 58.

Type species.

Antarctobius lacunosus  Fairmaire, 1885 (subsequent designation by Morrone, 1992a).


Small to medium-sized (3.7-9.5 mm); vestiture of seta-like or subcircular scales and setae; pronotum subcircular; postocular lobes absent.


Antarctobius  is closely related to Germainiellus, Listroderes and  the clade Methypora-Rupanius-Acrorius-Trachodema-Lamiarhinus-Philippius. The distinction between Antarctobius  , Germainiellus  and Listroderes  is not without doubt (see Morrone and Marvaldi, 1998), and future analyses may determine if they are merged into a single genus.

Species included.

Antarctobius abditus  (Enderlein, 1907); Antarctobius bidentatus  (Champion, 1918); Antarctobius falklandicus  (Enderlein, 1907); Antarctobius germaini  (Kolbe, 1907); Antarctobius hyadesii  Fairmaire, 1885; Antarctobius lacunosus  Fairmaire, 1885; Antarctobius malvinensis  Posadas and Morrone, 2004; Antarctobius rugirostris  Champion, 1918; Antarctobius vulsus  (Enderlein, 1907); Antarctobius yefacel  Morrone, 1992.

Host plants.

Antarctobius abditus  : Senecio candidans  DC ( Asteraceae  ); Antarctobius hyadesii  : Senecio alloeophyllus  O. Hoffm. and Senecio candidans  DC ( Asteraceae  ) (Morrone, 1992a; Marvaldi, 1998).

Immature stages.

Antarctobius abditus  and Antarctobius falklandicus  (Marvaldi, 1998).

Geographical distribution.

Andean region (Subantarctic subregion), in southern Chile and southern Argentina  , including the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) ( Morrone 1992a; Posadas and Morrone 2004; Posadas 2008, 2012).

Material examined.

Antarctobius abditus  (BMNH), Antarctobius bidentatus  (BMNH), Antarctobius falklandicus  (AMPC, BMNH, MZFC), Antarctobius germaini  (AMNH, BMNH, CADIC, CMNC, CWOB, IPUM, MHNS, MLP, MZFC), Antarctobius hyadesii  (BPBM, CMNC, MHNS, MZFC), Antarctobius lacunosus  (BMNH, MCZ, MHNS), Antarctobius rugirostris  (BMNH), Antarctobius vulsus  (BMNH, USNM) and Antarctobius yefacel  (AMNH).