Apiomorphini, Legalov, 2018

Wanat, Marek, 2021, New basal taxa of South African Apioninae (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea: Brentidae), Zootaxa 5035 (1), pp. 1-60: 55

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Apiomorphini   Legalov, 2018

Genus included: Apiomorphus Wagner, 1912   .

Diagnosis. Body asetose or with simple erect setae. Temples and genae only transversely wrinkled, impunctate. Antennal scrobes foveiform, lateral. Antennae inserted on rostrum sub-basally, shorter than half length of elytra; scape as long as three proximal-most funicular segments combined; two most distal segments of funicle barely elongate or transverse; antennal club compact. Pronotal disc tuberculate. Subhumeral portion of separate elytral stria 10 present, apical portion absent or present, striae joining apically 1+9, 2+7, stria 8 free apically (e.g., Apiomorphus eximius (Beguin-Billecocq)   , A. oberprieleri Alonso-Zarazaga   ) or striae joining (1+10)+(2+9), 3+4, 5+6, 7+8 (e.g., A. mar- shalli Balfour-Browne). Front legs weakly enlarged. Procoxal cavities contiguous. Procoxae strongly prominent, anteriorly with a transverse subapical rim. Mesocoxae narrowly separated (less than 0.15 width of coxa). Dentiform process of pro- and mesocoxae tooth-like. Trochanters short, broader than long. Femora with several spines (reduced in some species or even individuals within a species). Tibiae with sharp outer edge, lacking outwardly erect setae. Tarsi unmodified; basal protarsomere 1 emarginate.

Male: all tibiae with mucrones; pygidium with tongue-like internal process and anterior apodemes; membrane of tergite VII with median pocket-like invagination; sternite VIII evenly sclerotized, with extremely short lobes; membrane between sternites VIII and IX without small sclerites; endophallic frena absent or present ( A. marshalli   ); endophallus with transfer apparatus composed of paired long sclerites ( A. marshalli   ) or more complex.