Rhynchitapiini, Wanat, 2021

Wanat, Marek, 2021, New basal taxa of South African Apioninae (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea: Brentidae), Zootaxa 5035 (1), pp. 1-60: 56

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trib. n.

Rhynchitapiini   trib. n.

Type genus: Rhynchitapion   gen. n.

Diagnosis. Body with long, simple erect setae. Temples and genae punctate, not transversely wrinkled. Antennal scrobes sulciform, latero-ventral. Antennae inserted on rostrum near middle, much longer than half length of elytra; scape shorter than 2 proximal segments of funicle combined; all funicular segments elongate; antennal club long and loose. Pronotal disc punctate. Subhumeral and apical portions of elytral stria 10 present, striae joining in a formula (1+10)+(2+9). Front legs not enlarged. Procoxal cavities contiguous. Procoxae prominent, anteriorly without a transverse subapical rim. Mesocoxae narrowly separated (less than 0.15 width of coxa). Dentiform process of pro- and mesocoxae low and obtuse. Trochanters elongate (up to 2 × as long as wide). Femora unarmed. Tibiae lacking sharp edges, with long erect setae on outer side. Tarsi unmodified; protarsomere 1 subtruncate or rounded apically.

Male: all tibiae with mucrones; membrane of tergite VII without median pocket-like invagination; pygidium with a tongue-like internal process, lacking anterior apodemes; sternite VIII carinate, with well-developed lobes; membrane between sternites VIII and IX with a pair of small sclerites; endophallic frena present, modified; additional sclerites present or absent.