Pseudoeriocoma multinodis (Scribn. ex Beal) Romasch., comb. nov.,

Peterson, Paul M., Romaschenko, Konstantin, Soreng, Robert J. & Reyna, Jesus Valdes, 2019, A key to the North American genera of Stipeae (Poaceae, Pooideae) with descriptions and taxonomic names for species of Eriocoma, Neotrinia, Oloptum, and five new genera: Barkworthia, x Eriosella, Pseudoeriocoma, Ptilagrostiella, and Thorneochloa, PhytoKeys 126, pp. 89-125: 102

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Pseudoeriocoma multinodis (Scribn. ex Beal) Romasch., comb. nov.


Pseudoeriocoma multinodis (Scribn. ex Beal) Romasch., comb. nov. 

Stipa multinodis  Scribn. ex Beal, Grass. N. Amer. 2: 222. 1896 [Basionym] ≡ Achnatherum multinode  (Scribn. ex Beal) Valdés-Reyna & Barkworth, Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 48: 17. 2003. Type: Mexico, Chihuahua, Santa Eulalia Mountains, 14 Aug 1885, C.G. Pringle 385 (holotype: MSC-0092939 [image!]; isotypes: AC-00320221 [image!], BM-000938477 [image!], BR-0000006884895 [image!], JE-00001162 [image!], G-00168339 [image!], G-00168541 [image!], G-00168542 [image!], G-00168543 [image!], GH-00024478 [image!], K-000433421 [image!], KFTA-0000585 [image!], MO-123114 [image!], MO-123115 [image!], MO-5114652, NY-00431585 [image!], NY-00431586 [image!], NY-00431587 [image!], US-90985!, US-155154!, US-825176!, W-19160026109 [image!]).