Atheta (Pseudota) klagesi Bernhauer

Klimaszewski, Jan, Godin, Benoit, Davies, Anthony, Bourdon, Caroline & Horwood, Denise, 2018, Forty new records of aleocharine beetles, and two new species in the genera Acrotona Thomson and Atheta Thomson, for the province of Manitoba, Canada (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae), Insecta Mundi 2018 (641), pp. 1-33: 15

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Atheta (Pseudota) klagesi Bernhauer


Atheta (Pseudota) klagesi Bernhauer  


Origin Nearctic
Distribution Canada: AB, MB, NB, NF, QC. USA: ME, PA [all other previously published records ( Klimaszewski et al. 2007a, Dollin et al. 2008, Majka and Klimaszewski 2008 b, 2008 d, 2010, Bishop et al. 2009, Klimaszewski et al. 2011, Majka et al. 2011, Klimaszewski et al. 2012, 2013, 2015c) of this species need to be reassessed]
New provincial Canada: Manitoba: Adam Lake, 2016-IX-11, 49.0508°N, - 100.0666°W, 689 m, records mushrooms, sifting, B. Godin & D. Horwood ( BGC) 2 males   ; same locality data ( LFC) 1 female   ; Hecla   GoogleMaps , 2016-IX-17, 51.7849°N, 96.6152°W, 218 m, mushroom, sifting, B. Godin & D. Horwood ( BGC) 6 males, 5 females GoogleMaps   ; Birds Hill [Prov. Park]   - bur oak [trail], 2016-IX-16, 50.0083°N, 96.9216°W, 264 m, mushrooms, sift- ing, B. Godin & D. Horwood ( BGC) 1 male   ; Max Lake   GoogleMaps , 2016-IX-10, 49.0714°N, 100.1384°W, 686 m, mushrooms, sifting, B. Godin & D. Horwood ( LFC) 5 males GoogleMaps   , 1 female; Bead Lake   GoogleMaps , 2016-IX-13, 50.7868°N, 99.9928°W, 620 m, mushrooms, sift- ing, B. Godin & D. Horwood ( LFC) 2 males, 2 females GoogleMaps   ; same locality data ( BGC) GoogleMaps   1 female; Katherine Lake   GoogleMaps , 2016-IX-14, 50.6603°N, 99.8947°W, 652 m, mushrooms, sifting, B. Godin & D. Horwood ( LFC) 1 female GoogleMaps   .
References Bernhauer 1909, Klimaszewski et al. 2018

Collection and habitat data. Habitat (outside of the study area). In NB, this species occurred in various forest types; hemlock forests, eastern white cedar swamps, red spruce and yellow birch forests, various mixed forests, a red oak forest, red pine forest, hardwood forests, and northern hardwood forests. Adults were found in various fungi, including fleshy polypore fungi, inside birch polypore ( Piptoporus betulinus (Bull.) Karst.   ), gilled mushrooms, and decaying coral fungi. Some were found in compost (moldy corncobs and cornhusks, decaying vegetables) and inside a well rotted fungus-covered log. In NL, specimens from pitfall traps in boreal conifer forests. Collecting period. IV–X. Collecting method. Sifting fungi and litter, unbaited and carrion-baited pitfall traps, flight intercept traps.


Universidade de Lisboa, Museu Bocage


National Museum of Natural History, Bulawayo