Chydaeus malaisei Kataev & Schmidt, 2006

Kataev, Boris M., Liang, Hongbin & Kavanaugh, David H., 2012, Contribution to knowledge of the genus Chydaeus in Xizang Autonomous Region [Tibet] and Yunnan Province, China (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Harpalini), ZooKeys 171, pp. 39-92 : 61

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Chydaeus malaisei Kataev & Schmidt, 2006


Chydaeus malaisei Kataev & Schmidt, 2006 Fig. 59 View Figures 58–59

Material examined.

A total of 5 specimens (2 males and 3 females, including 1 male and 1 female in CAS and 1 male and 2 females in IOZ) were examined from the following localities: China. Yunnan Province. Lushui County: 1 male, Pianma, Ganheluo, riverside, 26.06210°N, 98.61966°E, 2100 m, 14.V.2005, H.B. Liang leg. (IOZ); 1 female, Pianma, Gangfang Yakou, road, 26.03672°N, 98.62026°E, 2250 m, 12.V.2005, H.B. Liang leg. (CAS); 1 female, Pianma, 6 km Pianma to Liuku, 26.00808°N, 98.65921°E, 2310 m, 15.V.2005, H.B. Liang leg. (IOZ); 1 female, Pianma, 6 km ESE Pianma, river, 26.00703°N, 98.16209°E, 2254 m, 15.V.2005, D.Z. Dong leg. (IOZ); 1 male, Pianma, Changyanhe, riverside, 25.99414°N, 98.66336°E, 2454 m, 15.V.2005, H.B. Liang leg. (CAS).


Fig. 59 View Figures 58–59 . This species was described from a series collected in Kambaiti, northeastern Myanmar. The new material from Yunnan was collected about 100 km to the northeast of the type locality, in the Pianma area, near the Myanmar border, on the western slope of the Gaoligong Shan, at elevations of 2100-2500 m. These new records support Kataev and Schmidt’s (2006) suggestion that the geographical range of Chydaeus malaisei is confined to the region west of the crest of the Gaoligong Shan.


This species, a member of the semenowi group, is closely related to Chydaeus convexus and appears to be a geographical vicariant of the latter ( Kataev and Schmidt 2006). The specimens examined from Yunnan demonstrate all the distinctive features of Chydaeus malaisei listed in the original description, except for the absence of the parascutellar setigerous pore on elytra. In all the specimens from Yunnan examined, this pore is present. As in the case for Chydaeus convexus , this character appears to be variable in Chydaeus malaisei .