Prenolepis (Nylanderia) longicornis (Latreille),

Wheeler, W. M., 1922, The ants collected by the American Museum Congo Expedition., Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 45, pp. 39-269: 216

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Prenolepis (Nylanderia) longicornis (Latreille)


Prenolepis (Nylanderia) longicornis (Latreille)  HNS 

Stanleyville, [[worker]], [[queen]]; Zambi, [[worker]], [[queen]] (Lang and Chapin). Numerous specimens showing some variation in color. The forms with paler workers might be assigned to ForeFs variety hagemanni, originally described from Boma, in the Belgian Congo, but of the few distinguishing characters mentioned by the Swiss myrmecologist, the whiteness of the hairs is noticeable in all the longicornis  HNS  workers I have seen from various parts of the world and the body color varies even in the same colony. These facts and a study of a cotype of hagemanni received from Prof. Forel convince me that the name should be relegated to the synonymy. Forel believed that his hagemanni might be the worker of Emery's P. waelbroecki  HNS  , described from female and male specimens, but the females accompanying pale longicornis  HNS  workers from Stanleyville and Zambi are the same as those accompanying darker workers from other localities in the East Indies and tropical America and do not agree with Emery's description of the waelbroecki  HNS  female, which is larger, ferruginous instead of dark brown, more hairy, with a much broader head, larger eyes and shorter antennal scapes.