Charadrius vociferus Linnaeus, 1758

Castro-Vargas, Fernando, Cruz-Mendivelso, Yerson, Ortega-Chamorro, Darwin & Palacino-Rodríguez, Fredy, 2020, Birds from northeastern Bogotá Savannah, Cundinamarca, Colombia, Check List 16 (5), pp. 1375-1391 : 1382

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Charadrius vociferus Linnaeus, 1758


Charadrius vociferus Linnaeus, 1758  

Figure 4C–E

New records. Five individuals foraging and vocalizing on the open grounds and grasslands of the ESNR (04°56′52″N, 073°57′47″W) on 15 June 2016. One in- dividual flying over the grasslands of the ESNR (04° 56′58″N, 073°57′33″W) on 17 September 2019. We re- corded this species in all the samples of the systematic survey since 19 January 2017.

Identification. Male brown on the back and white ventrally, with two black bands on the chest and black and white spots on the face. Immature individuals with attenuated or incomplete pectoral bands and light red eye rings. Tibial feathers with presence of down. Light brown on edge of wing coverts.

Remarks. We observed three immature individuals, which were flightless and likely less than 30 days. On 21 May, we recorded a nest with two eggs (35.4 mm × 26.1 mm) and a chick on 27 May 2018. We also observed three 10-day-old chicks.

Distribution. Canada to northern Colombia, northwestern Venezuela, and western Ecuador and Peru.