Antisphodrus glasunowi

Tahami, Mohadeseh Sadat, Muilwijk, Jan, Lohaj, Roman & Sadeghi, Saber, 2017, Study of Laemostenus species across Zagros and Central zone of Iran, with the description of seven new cavernicolous species and notes on subgenus Iranosphodrus (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Sphodrini), Zootaxa 4344 (1), pp. 115-136: 121

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Antisphodrus glasunowi


Antisphodrus glasunowi   species-group

This species-group was established by Casale (1988) for three Iranian species: L. (A.) glasunowi (Semenov, 1895)   , L. (A.) mirzayani (Morvan, 1973)   and L. (A.) iranicus ( Dvořák, 1982)   . Later on three turkish L. (A.) bulirschi Dvořák, 1995   , L. (A.) baehri Casale, 1997   and L. (A.) hroni Dvoøák, 1998   , and two Iranian L. (A.) deconincki Casale & Quéinnec, 2001   and L. (A.) sulaimanensis Morvan, 2004   species were placed to this species-group ( Dvořák, 1995, 1998; Casale, 1997; Casale & Quéinnec, 2001; Morvan 2004).

Definition of the glasunowi   group according to the original description of Casale (1988): head with two pairs of supraorbital setae, lateral bead of pronotum with one pair of antero-lateral setae and one pair of baso-setae in posterior angles, antennomere 3 without accessory hairs, mesosternum denticulate before mesocoxae. Protibiae without accessory hairs at anterior sides, tarsi with short and dense, decumbent pubescence. Aedeagus small and arcuate, basal bulb well developed. This species-group includes species distributed in Eastern Turkey (Aladağlari, Bolkar dağlari Mts.) and Iran (Elburz and Zagros Mts.).