Dolichogenidea appellator (Telenga, 1949),

Broad, Gavin R., Shaw, Mark R. & Godfray, H. Charles J., 2016, Checklist of British and Irish Hymenoptera - Braconidae, Biodiversity Data Journal 4, pp. 8151-8151: 8151

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Dolichogenidea appellator (Telenga, 1949)


Dolichogenidea appellator (Telenga, 1949) 

Apanteles appellator  Telenga, 1949

litae  (Nixon, 1972)




Added by Shaw (2012). Papp (1988) notes, but does not follow, the view that appellator may be the valid name (cf. Kotenko and Tobias 1986). Shaw (2012) has found that reared ‘appellator’ and ‘litae’ appear to be conspecific. The situation is complicated by Nixon's ( Nixon 1972) treatment of some series (from a different host in Cyprus, and from Egypt) as ' litae var operculellae  ', and it is this that Papp (1988) lists as a junior synonym of appellator.