Pachyschelus uvaldei, Knull 1941

Hespenheide, Henry A., 2003, A Reconsideration of Pachyschelus schwarzi Kerremans and a Review of American Pachyschelus North of MÉxico (Coleoptera: Buprestidae), The Coleopterists Bulletin 57 (4), pp. 459-468: 460

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Pachyschelus uvaldei


P. uvaldei Knull 1941   , Ohio J. Sci. 41:387 (synonymy: Hespenheide 1974).

As currently interpreted (Hespenheide 1974; Nelson 1980), this species is widely distributed in North and Central America with a number of geographic races and hosts. The nominate subspecies is widespread in eastern North America and is unusual in having species of the herb Geranium   as larval hosts (Knull 1948). The subspecies P. p. uvaldei (Knull 1941)   and most Cental American forms (Hespenheide 1974) have species of Acalypha   as larval hosts. The late George Vogt made extensive rearings of this species, analyeses of which were, unfortunately, never published.