Pristiphora pseudogeniculata Lindqvist, 1969,

Prous, Marko, Kramp, Katja & Liston 1, Veli VikbergAndrew, 2017, North-Western Palaearctic species of Pristiphora (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae), Journal of Hymenoptera Research 59, pp. 1-190: 93

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Pristiphora pseudogeniculata Lindqvist, 1969


Pristiphora pseudogeniculata Lindqvist, 1969  Figs 31, 100, 151, 230

Pristiphora pseudogeniculata  Lindqvist, 1969: 246. Holotype ♀ ( in MZH, examined. Type locality: Helsinki, Finland.

Similar species.

The most similar species is P. geniculata  . Both females and males of P. geniculata  have longer antenna (2.4-2.5 times as long as head width compared to 1.9-2.1 in P. pseudogeniculata  ) and a darker metatarsomere 1 (largely black compared to completely or nearly completely pale in P. pseudogeniculata  ). The female of P. geniculata  also has a different lancet (see the Key).

Genetic data.

No data.

Host plants.

Prunus padus  L. (ex ovo rearing experiments by VV).

Rearing notes.

Ovipositing experiment no. 3/1979: Finland, South Häme, Hämeenlinna, Katinen. One female was captured on 4.VI.1979 and leaves of Malus  sp., Sorbus aucuparia  and Prunus padus  were offered her. On 4-5.VI.1979 she laid several eggs only in teeth of leaves of Prunus padus  . Four larval instars were observed. Larvae feed gregariously on the leaf margin, like larvae of P. geniculata  on Sorbus aucuparia  . Prepupae were seen on 19.VI.1979. No extra moult after feeding.

Distribution and material examined.

West Palaearctic. Specimens studied are from Finland.