Cyrtosoma lherminierii ( Guérin-Méneville, 1844 )

Spiessberger, Erich L. & Ivie, Michael A., 2018, Revision of the West Indian Cyrtosoma Perty (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae: Cnodalonini), with Descriptions of Three New Species, The Coleopterists Bulletin 72 (4), pp. 825-837 : 829-831

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Cyrtosoma lherminierii ( Guérin-Méneville, 1844 )


Cyrtosoma lherminierii ( Guérin-Méneville, 1844)   ( Figs. 1 View Figs , 7 View Figs )

Cnodalon atrum Guérin-Méneville 1833   : pl. 31 [not Cnodalon atrum Lepeletier and Audinet-Serville 1825: 97   ]. Often attributed to Chevrolat, see Cowan (1971).

Cnodalon   l’ herminierii Guérin-Méneville 1844: 123.

Cyrtosoma lherminieri   ; Fleutiaux and Sallé 1889: 428(78); Gebien 1911: 489, 1942: 314 (712); Leng and Mutchler 1914: 463 (in part, Guadeloupe record only), 1917: 214 (in part, Montserrat record only); Blackwelder 1945: 538 (in part, Guadeloupe and Montserrat records only); Marcuzzi and D’ Aguilar 1971: 93; Marcuzzi 1984: 102 (in part, Guadeloupe and Montserrat records only), 1991: 249; Woodruff et al. 1998: 44 ( Guadeloupe and Montserrat records only); Touroult 2005: 88; Peck 2006: 190 (in part, Guadeloupe record only), 2010: 48 (in part, Guadeloupe record only), 2016: 164 (in part, Guadeloupe record only); Peck et al. 2014: 86 (in part, Guadeloupe record only).

Cyrtosoma herminieri   ; Champion 1896: 28 (lapsus calami, in part, Guadeloupe records only).

Cyrtosoma   n. sp.; Ivie et al. 2008: 61 (misidentification).

Cyrtosoma lherminierii   ; Soldati and Touroult 2014: 104 (in part, Guadeloupe record only); Bousquet et al. 2018: 299.

As mentioned above, the authorship of this name was the subject of some confusion. It was originally made available on a plate in Iconographie du Règne Animal de G. Cuvier. The plates were published before the text, with Guérin-Méneville (1833) listed as the author for plate 31. Figures 10, 10.a, and 10.b View Figs were drawings of a new species, Cnodalon atrum   , attributed to Chevrolat, unaware that Lepeletier and Audinet-Serville (1825) had already used that name. Chevrolat never really described this species, and in the text of Iconographie, published in 1844, Guérin-Méneville redescribed and replaced the preoccupied name with Cnodalon lherminierii Guérin-Méneville. According   to Article 60.3 of the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (1999), Guérin-Méneville should be given the authorship of this species name. Very recently, the authorship of this species was noted by Bousquet et al. (2018). All the dates used here are based on Cowan’ s (1971) study of Guérin- Méneville’ s work in Iconographie.

Ivie et al. (2008) misstated that the Montserrat records represented a new species different from C. lherminierii   . After further study of the vouchers, we conclude they are indeed C. lherminierii   . More on that will be discussed below.

Type Material. The types are presumed to be in the Chevrolat collection, now included in the Fairmaire collection at the MNHN. They were not examined, as the original illustration and locality were sufficient for identification of the species.

Other Material Examined. 1 ♀: GUADELOUPE: Basse T.; Deshaies , hauteins; 10 AUG 2003, 450m; J. Touroult colr.; ex rotten branch ( WIBF)   . 1 ♀: GUADELOUPE; Domaine Duclos ; under bark; 11-xi-66 A.B Gurney / Cyrtosoma; picea Lap   + Br.; det. T.J. Spilman ‘67/ Cyrtosoma n. sp. / det. M.A. Ivie 2006 ( NMNH)   . 1 ♀: Montserrat; 23.3 WI/ HGHubbard; Collector / Clearings; 2000 ft. / 116 ( NMNH)   . 1 ♀: Mntserrat [sic]; 23.3 WI./ U. S. N. M.; Acc. 31016 ( NMNH)   . 1 ♀: Guadeloup ; e Cnodalon   ; atrum; Chevr. / 71.6 ( BMNH)   . 1 6: Nevison Coll. ; 1918–14 ( BMNH)   . 1 6: Guadeloupe / Cyrtosoma ; Lherminieri; Chev:; com[pared] with type [in F. Bates’ hand]/ F. Bates.; 81–19 ( BMNH)   . 1 6: Guadeloupe / See C. Lherminieri; Chev. Ic. R. p. 123/ Pascoe; Coll.; 93–60 ( BMNH)   . 1 6: WInd: GUADELOUPE, BT; Pigeon , Trace Poirier; N16°08.83, W61°45.22; Humid forest FIT, 350m; 14-31.V.2012, S. Peck 12-22 ( CMNC)   . 1 6: GUADELOUPE: BT: Trace des Pitons ; ou Sauts de Bouillante; 16.v.2012, 16.11735; -61.74291, 700m; peak, montane forest litter; R. Anderson, 2012-114 ( CMNC) GoogleMaps   .

Redescription. Length 9.7–11.0 mm, width 5.1–5.6 mm. Dark brown to black, dorsal surface with very sparse, erect, golden setae, most obvious on elytral intervals, weakly shiny, weakly matte. Head transverse, moderately punctate, more densely so on clypeus; gena strongly punctate, genal groove long ( Fig. 7 View Figs ); antenna reddish brown, bearing golden setae on all antennomeres, more densely on antennomeres VII–XI; pronotum transverse, somewhat convex, margins beaded, lateral margins rounded, widest at middle, anterior margin straight, bead fading medially, anterior angles rounded, basal margin beaded fading medially, basal angles obtuse, surface moderately weakly punctured, each puncture with a fine, golden seta, surface between punctures shagreened at higher magnification; hypomeron glabrous, impunctate, shagreened; prosternum medially longitudinally raised, bearing pits with golden setae, margined between coxae and behind, prosternal process with a raised, smooth lateral margin separated from medial disc by deep groove, disc between these grooves not depressed, bearing fine, golden setae ( Fig.7 View Figs ). Elytron with deep, fine striae with small punctures; 1 st and 2 nd striae converging anteriorly, usually not joined; interstriae convex and sparsely punctate, each puncture with an erect golden seta, surface shagreened. Mesoventrite with higher concentration of shallow setose punctures in mesoventral cavity. Metaventrite nearly impunctate, punctures shallow and dispersed with post-coxal pit-like crenulations. Legs, tibiae with sparse, erect golden setae on dorsal surface, more densely so on apical half of ventral surface, becoming dense, golden brush at apex. Abdomen with post-coxal, pit-like crenulations, surface shiny, shallowly punctate, microsetose.

Distribution. Montserrat, Basse-Terre, and Grande-Terre ( Guadeloupe).

Remarks. At one time, almost all the Lesser Antilles records for Cyrtosoma   were attributed to C. lherminierii   (the exception being “ Cyrtosoma   piceum   , see below). Described from Guadeloupe, Champion (1896) added Saint Vincent and Grenada, Leng and Mutchler (1917) added Montserrat, and Blackwelder (1945) added Dominica. Marcuzzi (1999) named C. grenadense   without reference to the Grenada record of this species, thereby leaving the appearance of two species occurring there. Ivie et al. (2008) mistakenly removed the Montserrat record. This resulted in the most recent catalog with detailed distributions (Soldati and Touroult 2014) to report C. lherminierii   from Guadeloupe, Dominica, Saint Vincent, and Grenada. Our study has shown this situation to be mostly mistakes, with C. lherminierii   being present only on Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre, Guadeloupe, and the Montserrat records must be returned to this species, while the Dominica, Saint Vincent and Grenada records are removed to other species. Most of this confusion was the result of dealing with island populations in isolation and with highly generalized descriptions.

The Montserrat specimens and record require some comment. The specimens were collected by Henry Guernsey Hubbard (1850–1899), who spent parts of February, March, and April of 1894 on Montserrat (see Ivie et al. 2008). The details on the labels support the veracity of the record. The fact that this species has not been recollected in the extensive recent survey work on Montserrat is troubling and was discussed by Ivie et al. (2008) in light of the volcanic eruptions that devastated the island in the last few decades. It is possible it has been extirpated from Montserrat.


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Cyrtosoma lherminierii ( Guérin-Méneville, 1844 )

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Cyrtosoma lherminierii

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