Euplectrus laphygmae Ferrière, Ferriere

Yefremova, Zoya A., 2015, An annotated checklist of the Eulophidae (excl. Tetrastichinae) (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) of Israel, Zootaxa 3957 (1), pp. 1-36: 28

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Euplectrus laphygmae Ferrière


1. Euplectrus laphygmae Ferrière  

Material examined. 5 ♀, 6 ♂, originally from Nairobi, Kenya, ex Spodoptera exempta   collected 20.v. 1970. Lab. reared 20.iii. 1971 in Israel, Tel Aviv (det. Z. Bouček 1973); 2 ♀, 2 ♂, originally from Magija, Uganda, ex Spodoptera litoralis   , collected 5.v. 1971. Lab. reared 1971 in Israel, Tel Aviv (det. Z. Bouček 1973).

Hosts. Ectoparasitoid of Spodoptera litoralis Boisduval ( Gerling & Limon 1976)   .

Distribution. Afrotropical ecorealm ( Ferrière 1941; Zhu & Huang 2003), Israel ( Gerling & Limon 1976).

Remarks. Gerling and Limon (1976) brought the host Spodoptera exempta   from Kenya to Israel and reared parasitoids of E. laphygmae   in the laboratory at Tel Aviv University, Israel (see above), but it was not released. Euplectrus laphygmae   is distributed in the Afrotropical ecoregion (East, Central and South Africa). The species is not native to Israel and therefore is excluded from the list of Israeli Eulophidae   as cited by Noyes (2014).