Fleutimelasa Otto and Kovalev

Otto, Robert L. & Kovalev, Alexey V., 2013, New Group Names for Two Genera within Eucnemidae (Coleoptera), The Coleopterists Bulletin 67 (4), pp. 600-601: 600

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http://doi.org/ 10.1649/0010-065x-67.4.600

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Fleutimelasa Otto and Kovalev


Fleutimelasa Otto and Kovalev   , new name

Suareziella Cobos, 1964   , junior homonym of Suareziella Mamet, 1954  

Suarezia sensu Muona (2011)   , junior homonym of Suarezia Budde-Lund, 1904  

Type Species. Suareziella bispinosa Cobos, 1964   by original designation.

Etymology. The generic name is a combination of “ fleuti- ” dedicated to Edmond Fleutiaux, who published many papers on Eucnemidae   from 1889–1947, and the stem “- melasa ” for the eucnemid genus Melasis Olivier. Gender   is feminine.

Species Account and Distribution. One species known from South America.

Remarks. Cobos (1964) described the South American beetle genus Suareziella   with the type species S. bispinosa   by original designation. Unfortunately, the generic name is preoccupied by Mamet (1954), who described the coccid genus Suareziella   ( Insecta  : Hemiptera   : Coccoidea: Coccidae   ) distributed in Madagascar. Cobos (1964) intended to describe the eucnemid genus Suareziella   , with bispinosa   being the name for the only included species; however, a different name was detected on the caption for figure 5 (page 295), where the eucnemid was named “ Suarezia vispinosa   ”. We have regarded this as an accidental misspelling. This resulted in the usage of Suarezia   as an alternate group name by Muona (2011). Furthermore, the alternate name for the eucnemid genus is also preoccupied by Budde-Lund (1904), who described the genus Suarezia   ( Malacostraca  : Isopoda   : Oniscidea: Scleropactidae   ) from Madagascar. The names Suareziella Cobos, 1964   and the alternate name Suarezia sensu Muona (2011)   are invalid under the rule of homonymy, being junior homonyms of Suareziella Mamet, 1954   and Suarezia Budde-Lund, 1904   , respectively. In accordance with Article 60 of ICZN (1999), the names must be rejected and replaced. Therefore, we propose to substitute the junior homonyms Suareziella Cobos, 1964   and Suarezia sensu Muona (2011)   with Fleutimelasa   new name. Removal of the species from Suareziella   and Suarezia   resulted in a new combination and is hereby proposed, Fleutimelasa bispinosa (Cobos, 1964)   , new combination.