Trigonopterus triradiatus Narakusumo & Riedel,

Narakusumo, Raden Pramesa, Balke, Michael & Riedel, Alexander, 2019, Seven new species of Trigonopterus Fauvel (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) from the Tanimbar Archipelago, ZooKeys 888, pp. 75-93: 75

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Trigonopterus triradiatus Narakusumo & Riedel

sp. nov.

Trigonopterus triradiatus Narakusumo & Riedel  sp. nov.

Diagnostic description.

Holotype. Male ( Fig. 7aView Figure 7). Length 3.03 mm. Color of antennae ferruginous, legs dark ferruginous, remainder black. Body subovate; in dorsal aspect and in profile with weak constriction between pronotum and elytron. Eyes dorsally approximate. Rostrum in basal 1/2 with median ridge and pair of sublateral ridge; intervening furrows with suberect scales; apical half subglabrous, punctate. Pronotum with disk subglabrous, with minute sculpture; in basal 1/3 laterally with indistinct edge lined with few coarse punctures; laterally anterior margin lined by few white scales, behind eye with row of coarse punctures. Elytra subglabrous, with minute punctures. Femora edentate; with distinct anteroventral ridge. Mesofemur and metafemur dorsally densely squamose with white scales. Metafemur with smooth dorsoposterior edge; subapically without stridulatory patch. Abdominal ventrites 1-2 medially concave, subglabrous, laterally with sparse white scales; ventrite 5 at middle with shallow impression, weakly punctate, with sparse short setae. Penis ( Fig. 7bView Figure 7) with sides converging to slightly spatulate apex; transfer apparatus complex; endophallus with triradiate sclerites; apodemes 1.5 × as long as body of penis; ductus ejaculatorius with distinct bulbus. Intraspecific variation. Length 2.68-3.53 mm. Female rostrum slender, subglabrous, sparsely punctate, in basal 1/4 with indistinct ridges and sparse suberect scale. Female abdominal ventrite 5 flat, subglabrous, with small punctures.

Material examined.

Holotype (MZB): MZB0007 (GenBank # MN322604), Indonesia, Maluku, Tanimbar, Yamdena Is, Lorulun, 07°48.788'S, 131°22.443'E to 07°48.137'S, 131°21.873'E, 140 m, beaten, 2-V-2017. Paratypes (MZB, SMNK): Indonesia, Maluku, Tanimbar: 12 exx, MZB0004 (GenBank # MN322607), MZB0005 (GenBank # MN322606), MZB0006 (GenBank # MN322605) same data as holotype; 3 exx, Yamdena Is, Lorulun, 07°48.788'S, 131°22.443'E to 07°48.137'S, 131°21.873'E, 140 m, beaten, 28-29-V-2017; 7 exx, MZB0029 (GenBank # MN322601) MZB0030 (GenBank # MN322602) Yamdena Is, Lorulun, Jungle Camp, 07°46.46'S, 131°20.482'E, 110 m, beaten, 24-IV-2018; 1 ex, Yamdena Is, Lorulun, Jungle Camp, 07°46.46'S, 131°20.482'E, 110 m, beaten, 19-IV-2018; 1 ex, MZB0021 (GenBank # MN322608) Larat Is, margin of Nature reserve, 07°08.22'S, 131°49.49'E, 40 m, 25-IV-2018; 1 ex, MZB0041 (GenBank # MN322603) Larat Is, Nature reserve, 07°08.747'S, 131°49.092'E, 85 m, beaten, 25-26-IV-2018; 2 exx, MZB0025 (GenBank # MN322609), MZB0112 (GenBank # MN322610), Selaru Is, Bangruti, 08°07.253'S, 131°02.947'E, 40 m, beaten, 22-IV-2018.


Maluku Prov., Tanimbar (Yamdena Is, Larat Is, Selaru Is). Elevation: 40-140 m.


On foliage in lowland forest.


This epithet is an adjective based on triradiate sclerites in the endophallus of the species.


This species is closely related to Trigonopterus  species 60 from Papua New Guinea from which it differs by the structure of the penis and a 17.8% p-distance of its cox1 sequence.

Key to the Trigonopterus  species of the Tanimbar Archipelago