Bañon, Rafael, Arronte, Juan Carlos, Rodriguez-Cabello, Cristina, Piñeiro, Carmen-Gloria, Punzon, Antonio & Serrano, Alberto, 2016, Commented checklist of marine fishes from the Galicia Bank seamount (NW Spain), Zootaxa 4067 (3), pp. 293-333: 304

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Family Notacanthidae  

Notacanthus bonaparte Risso, 1840   —Shortfin spiny eel

656 specimens were caught at depths between 731 and 1685 m. Length data were available for 375 specimens ranging from 15 to 46 cm TL (31.3 ± 6.5). Habitat and Distribution: bathypelagic between 487–2,000 m depth. Eastern Atlantic Ocean, Iceland, Faeroes, and from Ireland to Cape Blanc, Mauritania, and in the western Mediterranean Sea. Vulnerability: DD ( IUCN), LV (FishBase).

Polyacanthonotus rissoanus ( De Filippi & Verany, 1857)   —Smallmouth spiny eel

7 specimens between 21 and 43 cm TL were caught at depths between 1,536 snd 1,809 m. Habitat and Distribution: epibenthic antitropical on the continental slope, between 540–2,875 m with most records between 1,500–2,000 m depth. Eastern Atlantic, from Iceland to South Africa, including the Mediterranean Sea and western Atlantic, from Davis Strait to Cape Hatteras and North Carolina in the USA. Vulnerability: DD ( IUCN), MV (FishBase).