Alycus C.L. Koch, 1842,

Uusitalo, Matti, Ueckermann, Edward A. & Theron, Pieter D., 2020, A review of the family Alycidae (Acari, Acariformes) from South Africa, Zootaxa 4858 (3), pp. 301-340: 304

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Alycus C.L. Koch, 1842


Alycus C.L. Koch, 1842 

Type species: Alycus roseus C.L. Koch, 1841  or 1842 from Germany; by monotypy  .

Differential diagnosis. The genus can be segregated from the other genera of the family by the robust and nonelongated chelicera ( Figs. 1View FIGURES 1−5, 135EView FIGURE 135) and three pairs of pseudacanthoid eupathids with long cilia on the palpi ( Fig. 8View FIGURES 6−13; Uusitalo 2010: figs. 18, 39).