Petralycini Uusitalo, 2010,

Uusitalo, Matti, Ueckermann, Edward A. & Theron, Pieter D., 2020, A review of the family Alycidae (Acari, Acariformes) from South Africa, Zootaxa 4858 (3), pp. 301-340: 332

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Petralycini Uusitalo, 2010


Petralycini Uusitalo, 2010 

Type genus: Petralycus Grandjean, 1943  .

Differential diagnosis. This tribe (and genus) can easily be segregated from the rest of the Endeostigmata by the strongly elongated but robust chelicerae; two pairs of prodorsal sensilla in separate bothridia, anterior pair ve being globular and posterior pair sci filamentous; palpal tarsi having a solenidion extending partly over a pair of distal mucronate eupathids; transform series of pedal solenidia from claviform and baculiform to uniquely thin, but not tapering ( Figs. 135View FIGURE 135 A–D; Uusitalo 2010: figs. 147–149).