Bimichaeliini Womersley, 1944

Uusitalo, Matti, Ueckermann, Edward A. & Theron, Pieter D., 2020, A review of the family Alycidae (Acari, Acariformes) from South Africa, Zootaxa 4858 (3), pp. 301-340: 325

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Bimichaeliini Womersley, 1944


Bimichaeliini Womersley, 1944  

Type genus: Bimichaelia Thor, 1902   .

Differential diagnosis. The lineage and tribe can be separated from its sister group by having the large lamellae either in cells ( Figs. 119 View FIGURES 119−125 , 133A, B View FIGURE 133 ) or in clumps ( Figs. 133C, D View FIGURE 133 ) on soft integument, having lost their eyes and cheliceral setae, and femora IV are not divided. Otherwise, they share all the typical bimichaeliine character states, such as presence of a button-like naso, clavate sensilla sci, stylet-like chelicerae, and an apical palpal solenidion in contact with TP-type eupathid(s).

Remark. The tribe Bimichaeliini   is a sister group of the monotypic tribe Proteromichaeliini   established above and includes all the other genera of the subfamily Bimichaeliinae   . The generic name Bimichaelia Thor, 1902   was proposed as a nomen novum for Michaelia Berlese, 1884   (preoccupied, non Michaelia Trouessart, 1884   ), see Uusitalo (2010: 64).