Jaschhof, Mathias, 2017, Catochini, Strobliellini and Acoenoniini revisited: a taxonomic review of the small tribes of the Micromyinae (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae), Zootaxa 4250 (3), pp. 275-295: 290

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Tribe Acoenoniini  Pritchard

Pritchard (1960a) introduced this tribe for the genus Acoenonia Pritchard  , at that time containing only the typespecies, A. perissa Pritchard.  Acoenoniini  are clearly distinct from other Micromyinae  in both larval ( Mamaev & Krivosheina 1993: 81, 89f) and adult ( Jaschhof & Jaschhof 2009: 87f.) characters, the latter as follows. The wing membrane has a few or no distal setae; the costal break is situated far before the apex of the wing ( Fig. 9EView FIGURE 9); the apices of the tibiae bear several scalelike, pointed spines marginally ( Jaschhof 1998: fig. 42h); and the antennal flagellomeres of males have indistinct crenulate whorls ( Fig. 9CView FIGURE 9). Acoenoniini  are thought to be the sister-group of Campylomyzini  based on synapomorphies, such as the laterally incomplete eye-bridge and the ejaculatory apodeme modified apically and/or basally ( Jaschhof & Jaschhof 2009: 296). Acoenonia  is the only genus of this tribe.