Diphascon (Diphascon) bullatum Murray, 1905

Zawierucha, Krzysztof, Dziamiecki, Jakub, Jakubowska, Natalia, Michalczyk, Lukasz & Kaczmarek, Lukasz, 2014, New tardigrade records for the Baltic states with a description of Minibiotus formosus sp. n. (Eutardigrada, Macrobiotidae), ZooKeys 408, pp. 81-105: 84

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Diphascon (Diphascon) bullatum Murray, 1905


Diphascon (Diphascon) bullatum Murray, 1905  

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XIII: 1 specimen.


Specimens correspond well with the limited original description ( Murray 1905) and also with later descriptions ( Argue 1974 and Dastych 1980, 1988). This species is very similar to Diphascon (Diphascon) patanei   (Binda & Pilato, 1971) and, as suggested by Dastych (1988), these two species could be synonymous. Thus, to clarify the taxonomic status of Diphascon (Diphascon) patanei   , a re-description of Diphascon (Diphascon) bullatum   is necessary based on material from locus typicus in Scotland (the type material probably does not exist) ( Dastych 1988).