Kempnyia gracilenta (Enderlein)

Silva, Fernanda Avelino-Capistrano da, Barbosa, Leandro Silva & Almeida, Gisele Luziane de, 2011, Complementary Descriptions Of Kempnyia Gracilenta (Enderlein 1909) And Kempnyia Reticulata (Klapálek 1916) (Plecoptera: Perlidae), Illiesia 7 (14), pp. 142-147: 143-144

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Kempnyia gracilenta (Enderlein)


Kempnyia gracilenta (Enderlein)  

( Figs. 1-3 View Figs )

Acroneuria gracilenta Enderlein 1909:397   .

Acroneuria gracilenta: Klap á lek, 1916:47   .

Acroneuria gracilenta: Claassen, 1940:182   .

Eutactophlebia gracilenta: Jewett, 1960:175   . ( Figs. 6, 6b View Figs )

Eutactophlebia gracilenta: Zwick, 1973:490   . (Figs. 35-39)

Kempnyia gracilenta: Froehlich, 1979:70-71   .

Kempnyia gracilenta: Zwick, 1983:179   .

Kempnyia gracilenta: Froehlich, 1984a:1137-1138   . ( Figs. 1-3 View Figs )

Material Examined. Brazil, Espírito Santo, Santa Teresa, Córrego Sagüi , 19°58’00.5”S 40°32’09”W GoogleMaps   , 05.vii.2008, 1♂, 3♀, 21 larvae; 03.iv.2009, 9 larvae;, 21 larvae; Córrego Tapinuã , 19°58’16.5”S 40°31’80.1”W   , 04.vii.2008, 7 larvae; 04.iv.2009, 2 larvae;, 1♀, 5 larvae; Córrego do Banhado , 19°57’55.1”S 40°32’15.4”W GoogleMaps   , 04.ii.2009, 2 larvae; 04.iv.2009, 13 larvae;, 4 larvae; Córrego da Divisa , 19°58’06.3”S 40°31’28.9W GoogleMaps   , 02.vii.2008, 1♂ 2♀, 21 larvae; 14.ix.2008, 2 larvae; 10.xi.2008, 23 larvae; 03.ii.2009, 10 larvae; 04.iv.2009, 30 larvae;, 51 larvae; 21.vii.2009, 1♂; 21.viii.2009, 1♀. Córrego Bonito , 19°58’28,4”S 40°31’54.4”W GoogleMaps   , 03.vii.2008, 14 larvae; 14.ix.2008, 20 larvae; 05.ii.2009, 29 larvae; 05.iv.2009, 40 larvae;, 48 larvae; 20.viii.2009, 1♂; 12.ix.2009, 1♂.

Larva. General color light reddish brown. Head dark posteriorly, becoming paler in a broad transverse band forward of median ocellus; clypeus dark brown, M-line distinct in transverse pale band. Ocelli black; eyes black with a white band in the base. Antennae with a uniform yellowish-brown pattern. Pronotum brown with clear spots forming a characteristic pattern and with a pale median band; rugosities indistinct. Maxillary lacinia yellowish-brown, with the teeth sharp-pointed and red-brown. Mandible yellowish, with five sharp-pointed dark brown teeth. Glossae, paraglossae and labial palps pale yellow. Legs with a fringe of fine setae along the outer margin from trocanter to tarsi. Abdomen dark brown in the mature nymphs; apex of the abdominal segments with a fringe of bristles. Cerci dark brown at the base and paler to the apex.

Measurements. Larval Head: 2.9 x 2.2mm; Pronotum: 3.38 x 1.79mm; Abdomen: 4.3mm; total length: 10.59mm (n = 379).

Remarks. Larvae of K. gracilenta   are distinguished from known members of the genus on the basis of the pale transverse band which extends between the compound eyes, covering part of the ocellar triangle and obscuring the M-line ( Fig. 1 View Figs ). The marginal lacinial bristles include a few (ca. 3-4) longer ones at the base of the second tooth and a row of shorter ones extending to the lacinial base ( Fig. 2 View Figs ). The latter character distinguishes larvae of this species from those of K. tijucana Dorvillé & Froehlich   ( Dorvillé & Froehlich 2001) and K. reticulata   (see Fig. 8 View Figs ), whereas the smaller size and shape of the epicranial suture distinguishes K. gracilenta   larvae from those of the much larger larvae of K. neotropica (Jacobson & Bianchi) ( Bispo & Froehlich 2008)   .

Distribution. Brazil: São Paulo; Rio de Janeiro; Minas Gerais; Espírito Santo.














Kempnyia gracilenta (Enderlein)

Silva, Fernanda Avelino-Capistrano da, Barbosa, Leandro Silva & Almeida, Gisele Luziane de 2011

Kempnyia gracilenta: Froehlich, 1984a:1137-1138

Froehlich, C. G. 1984: 1138

Kempnyia gracilenta:

Zwick, P. 1983: 179

Acroneuria gracilenta:

Froehlich, C. G. 1979: 71
Zwick, P. 1973: 490
Jewett, S. G. 1960: 175
Claassen, P. W. 1940: 182

Acroneuria gracilenta

Enderlein, G. 1909: 397

Acroneuria gracilenta:

Acroneuria gracilenta: Klap á lek, 1916:47