Agama sp.

Santos, Bruna S., Marques, Mariana P., Bauer, Aaron M. & Ceríaco, Luis M. P., 2021, Herpetological results of Francisco Newton’s Zoological Expedition to Angola (1903 – 1906): a taxonomic revision and new records of a forgotten collection, Zootaxa 5028 (1), pp. 1-80 : 27

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Agama sp.


Agama sp.

Material (eleven specimens): One adult female specimen (MHNCUP/REP 305; Fig. S49 View FIGURE S ), collected from unknown locality, date unknown; two adult male specimens (MHNCUP/REP 306–307, formerly UP-MHNFCP-019874 and 019873; Fig. S50 View FIGURE S ), collected from unknown locality, date unknown; two juvenile female specimens (MHNCUP/ REP 308–309), collected from Hôcco, Cazengo [-9.35422º, 14.89471º, 573 m a.s.l.] Kwanza Norte Province, date unknown ; one adult female specimen (MHNCUP/REP 310, formerly UP-MHNFCP-017362), collected from Bahia dos Tigres [= Baía dos Tigres] [-16.58559º, 11.82709º, 98 m a.s.l.] Namibe Province, in 1905 ; one adult male specimen (MHNCUP/REP 311, formerly UP-MHNFCP-019860), collected from unknown locality, date unknown; two adult female specimens (MHNCUP/REP 312–313, formerly UP-MHNFCP-017361), collected from unknown locality, in 1904; one adult female specimen (MHNCUP/REP 314, formerly UP-MHNFCP-017360), collected from Lembu, Serra de Selles [-10.95547º, 14.30763º, 733 m a.s.l.] Kwanza Sul Province, in 1903; One adult female specimen (MHNCUP/REP 315, formerly UP-MHNFCP-019872), collected from unknown locality, date unknown .

Comments: Currently six species of Agama are known from Angola: Agama aculeata Merrem, 1820 ; Agama anchietae Bocage, 1896 ; Agama congica Peters, 1877 ; Agama mucosoensis Hellmich, 1957 ; Agama planiceps Peters, 1862 and finally Agama schacki Mertens, 1938 ( Marques et al. 2018). As a revision of the genus is currently ongoing (Wagner et al. in prep.), we choose to refer to the present specimens as Agama sp. Ferreira (1904) reported two males (adult and juvenile) of “ Agama colonorum ” from “Lembu, Serra de Selles”, matching MHNC-UP/ REP314, and later two juveniles from “Cambondo” and “Golungo” ( Ferreira 1906).

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