Pachygaster leachii leachii Curtis, 1824, leachii Curtis, 1824

Mason, Franco, Rozkošný, Rudolf & Hauser, Martin, 2009, A review of the soldier flies (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) of Sardinia *, Zootaxa 2318, pp. 507-530: 524

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Pachygaster leachii leachii Curtis, 1824


Pachygaster leachii leachii Curtis, 1824  

Published record. Sardinia ( Rozkošný 2004, as Praomyia leachii   ). Olbia-Tempio prov.: Calangianus ( Mason 2005, as P. leachii   ).

Material examined. Carbonia-Iglesias prov.: Domusnovas, near Grotta San Giovanni, 325 m, N 39°20’34.3” E 8°37’39.0”, 12.VI.2004, P. Cerretti, D. Birtele, G. Nardi, M. Tisato & D. Whitmore, sweep net, 1♀ ( FMV); Iglesias, near colonia Beneck, N 39° 20’ 32.4’’ E 8° 35’ 37.5”, 636 m, 13-27.VI.2006, G. Chessa leg., Malaise trap, 1 ♀ ( FMV) GoogleMaps   .

Remarks. Recently, Krivosheina (2004) described a subspecies, Pachygaster leachii angustifrons   , from southern Russia (environs of Krasnodar) and Azerbaijan.

Distribution. This species occurs throughout most of Europe: from Ireland, southern Wales and England, southern Sweden and the St. Petersburg area in Russia to Portugal, Spain, Italy and Bulgaria, the Ukraine, southern European Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.