Acantholepis capensis Mayr variety anceps Forel,

Wheeler, W. M., 1922, The ants collected by the American Museum Congo Expedition., Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 45, pp. 39-269: 214

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Acantholepis capensis Mayr variety anceps Forel


Acantholepis capensis Mayr variety anceps Forel  HNS 

Stanleyville, [[worker]]; Medje, [[worker]] (Lang and Chapin). Numerous specimens. This variety is close to the subspecies depilis, having sparse, short, whitish pilosity. In shape the epinotum and scale, as Forel remarks, approach those of the subspecies simplex  HNS  Forel. The variety was originally described from specimens taken by Kohl in the Belgian Congo, probably near Stanleyville. According to a note by Mr. Lang, this ant makes tiny craters in the soil after the rain. The colonies seem to be rather small, judging from the few workers seen outside the nests.

Acantholepis capensis variety guineensis Mayr  HNS  A single worker from Thysville (Lang and Chapin) appears to belong to this variety, which is not black, like the other forms of the species, but reddish brown. The hairs are yellowish. It was originally described from the Gold Coast.