Sinechostictus (Sinechostictus) tarsicus (Peyron, 1858)

Neri, Paolo & Toledano, Luca, 2021, Geographic and taxonomic notes, addenda and corrigenda on the subtribe Bembidiina Stephens, 1827 of the 2017 ' Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera' (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Bembidiina), ZooKeys 1044, pp. 563-587: 563

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Sinechostictus (Sinechostictus) tarsicus (Peyron, 1858)


Sinechostictus (Sinechostictus) tarsicus (Peyron, 1858)  

Sinechostictus (Sinechostictus) effluviorum   (Peyron, 1858)


In Neri et al. (2015) Sinechostictus tarsicus   (Peyron, 1858) is synonymized with S. effluviorum   (Peyron, 1858). In Paill et al. (2018: 273), based on a personal communication from Wolfgang Lorenz, the name Sinechostictus tarsicus   was restored ( Schaum 1861), as first reviewer, and synonymized Sinechostictus effluviorum   with Sinechostictus tarsicus   . We think that this act is correct, and we confirm that Sinechostictus (Sinechostictus) effluviorum   (Peyron, 1858) is a junior synonym of Sinechostictus (Sinechostictus) tarsicus   (Peyron, 1858). The mistake was probably due to a misunderstanding of the Schaum’s (1861) considerations. Furthermore, we report the species for Lebanon (Nabeh Safa, 1000 m (PN) and Marjayoun, env. Litani river, 280 m (CR)). Current distribution: E: AL, AU, BH, BU, CR, GR, HU, IT, MC, SL, ST, SZ, TR, YU; A: CY, IN, IQ, IS, LE, SY, TR.