Diphascon (Diphascon) pingue pingue (Marcus, 1936)

Zawierucha, Krzysztof, Dziamiecki, Jakub, Jakubowska, Natalia, Michalczyk, Lukasz & Kaczmarek, Lukasz, 2014, New tardigrade records for the Baltic states with a description of Minibiotus formosus sp. n. (Eutardigrada, Macrobiotidae), ZooKeys 408, pp. 81-105: 85

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Diphascon (Diphascon) pingue pingue (Marcus, 1936)


Diphascon (Diphascon) pingue pingue (Marcus, 1936)  

Localities and specimen numbers.

XV: 11 specimens.


Although we have found only 11 specimens, we were confident in identifying them to Diphascon (Diphascon) pingue   because they corresponded perfectly to the partial redescriptions by Pilato and Binda (1997/1998, 1999) and we also identified them with the key by Fontoura and Pilato (2007). The species belongs to the pingue group and has been previously recorded from numerous localities throughout the World, however the majority of records should be verified based on the modern taxonomy ( Pilato and Binda 1997/1998, 1999). Currently, exclusively verified localities of this species are only from Europe and North America ( Pilato and Binda 1997/1998).