Eurypodius Guérin, 1828,

Low, Martyn E. Y., Ng, Peter K. L. & Evenhuis, Neal L., 2013, Names and publication dates of the Brachyura in F. É. Guérin (Guérin-Méneville) (Crustacea: Decapoda), Zootaxa 3736 (2), pp. 101-127: 114

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Eurypodius Guérin, 1828


Eurypodius Guérin, 1828  ( Inachidae  )

In his Nomenclator Zoologicus, Neave (1939: 365) attributed authorship of the name Eurypodius  to Guérin “ 1825 ” (in Latreille et al., Encyclopédie Méthodique, vol. 10, page 700, footnote). Guérin (in Latreille et al. “ 1825 ”: 700, footnote) wrote “ Ici vient se placer le genre Eurypode ( Eurypodius  ), que nous avons établi avec une espèce des île Malouines, dont les pattes ambulatoires ont le métatarse dilaté en nageoire ”. Sherborn & Woodward (1906 b: 578) and Evenhuis (2003 a: 36) demonstrated that the tenth volume of the Encyclopédie Méthodique was issued in two parts, with the second part (pp. 345–832) released on 13 December 1828. Thus, Guérin’s (in Latreille et al. 1825) diagnosis should be correctly cited as Guérin (in Latreille et al. 1828). The date “ 1825 ” on the title-page has clearly caused confusion among later workers (e.g. Neave 1939: 365).

The diagnosis of genus-group name Eurypodius  in Guérin’s (in Latreille et al. 1828) is, however, antedated by the diagnosis of the name in Guérin (1828: 345–359, pl. 14) in which the genus-group name and the species Eurypodius latreillii  (the type species by monotypy, Article 68.3 of the Code, ICZN 1999: 71) were diagnosed and figured. This diagnosis (Guérin 1828: 345–359, pl. 14) appeared on 14 April 1828 (see Anonymous 1921: 51). The genus- and species-group names Eurypodius latreillii Guérin, 1828  , are currently regarded as valid (see Ng et al. 2008: 111).