Adialytus ambiguus (Haliday, 1834)

Rakhshani, Ehsan, Stary, Petr & Tomanovic, Zeljko, 2012, Species of Adialytus Foerster, 1862 (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Aphidiinae) in Iran: taxonomic notes and tritrophic associations, ZooKeys 221, pp. 81-95: 83

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Adialytus ambiguus (Haliday, 1834)


Adialytus ambiguus (Haliday, 1834)   Figs 2A3A4A5A6A

Aphidius ambiguus   Haliday, 1834: 104-105.

Material examined.

1♂ 1 ♀, Sipha elegans   del Guercio on Triticum aestivum   , FA, Shiraz (29°34'22"N, 52°41'58"E, 1489 m), 27.IV.2005, 1♂ 1 ♀, coll.: E. Rakhshani.


This species is closely related to other parasitoids of Sipha   aphids, in its elongated ovipositor sheath (Fig 6A) and triangular shape of petiole which bears anterior and spiracular tubercles (Fig 5A). It can be differentiated from other species in having an extremely long vein R1 (= metacarpus) (Fig 3A). The hind femur and tibia are covered with both short and prevalently erect long setae (Fig. 4A).