Labiobaetis elouardi (Gillies, 1993)

Kaltenbach, Thomas & Gattolliat, Jean-Luc, 2021, Labiobaetis Novikova & Kluge in West Africa (Ephemeroptera, Baetidae), with description of a new species, African Invertebrates 62 (1), pp. 355-382: 364-365

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Labiobaetis elouardi (Gillies, 1993)


3. Labiobaetis elouardi (Gillies, 1993)   : Gillies 1993

Differential diagnosis.

Nymph. Following combination of characters: A) scape with well-developed distolateral process (Fig. 8e View Figure 8 ); B) labrum rectangular, dorsally with a submarginal arc of peculiar setae (Fig. 8a, h-j View Figure 8 ); C) mandibles with incisor and kinetodontium apically cleft (Fig. 8b, c View Figure 8 ); D) glossae much shorter than paraglossae (Fig. 8d View Figure 8 ); labial palp segment II with broad thumb-like protuberance; E) hind protoptera absent; F) six pairs of gills; G) paraproct with 2-3 stout, marginal spines (Fig. 8f, g View Figure 8 ).

Examined material.

Ivory Coast • 28 nymphs; Abidjan, Banco, Reserve Naturelle ; 05°23'17"N, 04°03'13"W; 17.07.2007; leg. E.O. Edia; 24 in alcohol; GBIFCH00515540, GBIFCH00515547; 4 on slides; GBIFCH00592400, GBIFCH00592402, GBIFCH00592405, GBIFCH00592406 GoogleMaps   • 7 nymphs; Abidjan, Banco , Reserve Naturelle ; 05°23'17"N, 04°03'13"W; 18.06.2008; leg. J.-L. Gattolliat and E.O. Edia; 6 in alcohol; GBIFCH00515607, GBIFCH00515608; 1 on slide; GBIFCH00592459 GoogleMaps   . Guinea • 3 nymphs; Bas. Cavally, Riv. Cavally, Loc. Mt. Nimba (nord-ouest); 01.02.1988; Coll. ORSTOM; leg. J.-M. Elouard; on slides; GBIFCH00592433, GBIFCH00592434, GBIFCH00592435; all material in MZL   .


Guinea, Ivory Coast (Fig. 4b View Figure 4 ).