Campylopus savannarum (Müll. Hal.),

J. Florschutz-de Waard, H. R. Zielman & M. A. Bruggeman- Nannenga, 2011, Flora of the Guianas, Series C, fascicle 2., Kew: Kew Publishing: 11

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Campylopus savannarum (Müll. Hal.)


10. Campylopus savannarum (Müll. Hal.)  Mitt.. J. Linn. Soc. Bot. 12: 85. 1 869. - Dicranum savannarum Müll. Hal.  , Syn. Musc. Frond. 2: 596. 1851. Type: Suriname, Kegel s.n. (L, BM).

Campylopus bartlettii E.B. Bartram, J. Washington Acad. Sci. 221 477. 1932. - Campylopus savannarum (Müll. Hal.)  Mitt. subsp. bartlettii (E.B. Bartram) Florsch. Fl. Suriname 6: 79. 1964. Type: Honduras, Bartlett 12973 (FH, NY).

Description see Musci I in Fl. Suriname 6: 78. 1964.

Distribution: Pantropics.

Ecology: Terrestrial and on rocks; in the Guianas rather common on white sand Savannas in xeromorphic scrub and light savanna forest.

Note: Subsp. bartlettii was described for specimens with short and rigidly appressed leaves with excurrent (sometimes hyaline) costa (Florschütz 1964). Frahm considered this as a modification in drier habitats, since all possible intergradations occur (Frahm & Gradstein 1987).