Mahunka, S., 1986, A survey of the family Carabodidae C. L. Koch, 1836 (Acari: Oribatida), Acta Zoologica Hungarica 32, pp. 73-135: 90-91

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Diplobodes   Aoki, 1958 (Figs 25-26)

Aoki, 1958: 390 (28), and 1970: 419.

Prodorsum: Its surface without protuberances or apophysis. Lamellae of double strueture, very broad, with a separate lateral keel. All prodorsal setae thin and simple. Sensillus uncate.

Notogaster: Dorsosejugal region normal, notogastral, surface ornamented by strong longitudinal costulae. Fourteen pairs of notogastral setae, one of them in humeral position.

Coxisternal region: Well-developed epimeral borders composing a network.

Anogenital region: Only few data known. Four pairs of genital and two pairs of anal setae present.

Type species: Diplobodes kanekoi Aoki   , 1958. Japan.

Remarks: It stands very near to Kalloia   Mahunka, 1985, however, the latter has fifteen pairs of notogastral setae; Aoki (1970: 419) confirmed newly the number of the notogastral setae.