Frullania gibbosa Nees

Schäfer-Verwimp, A., 2014, Towards a more complete knowledge of the liverwort flora of Panama, Phytotaxa 172 (3), pp. 201-234 : 213

publication ID 10.11646/phytotaxa.172.3.3

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Frullania gibbosa Nees


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* Chiriqui: Loc. 28, epiphytic, c. per., 34607/ B; 30, on bark of Eucalyptus , c. per., 34651; 31, epiphytic, c. per., 34667/ B . * Coclé: Loc. 5, 34178; 7, epiphytic, 31044. * Veraguas: Loc. 16, c. per., 34332.

A scattered tropical (to subtropical) American species, known from the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Britsh and French Guiana, Brazil and the West Indies ( Schäfer-Verwimp & Pócs 2009); from Panama so far reported from the Canal Zone and Darién.


Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem, Zentraleinrichtung der Freien Universitaet

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