Neanthes acuminata (Ehlers, 1868),

Faulwetter, Sarah, Simboura, Nomiki, Katsiaras, Nikolaos, Chatzigeorgiou, Giorgos & Arvanitidis, Christos, 2017, Polychaetes of Greece: an updated and annotated checklist, Biodiversity Data Journal 5, pp. 20997-20997: 20997

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Neanthes acuminata (Ehlers, 1868)


Neanthes acuminata (Ehlers, 1868) 

Neanthes caudata  (sensu Delle Chiaje, 1827) | Nereis caudata  (sensu Delle Chiaje, 1827)


Species complex. Reish et al. (2014) recovered four different putative cryptic species of Neanthes acuminata  from worldwide locations (based on specimens traditionally referred to the species Neanthes acuminata  , Neanthes caudata  , and Neanthes arenaceodentata  Moore, 1903, all of which are morphologically indistinguishable but could not be recovered by the analyses). From Europe, only specimens from Portugal were included in the analyses and it is currently unknown whether more cryptic species exist. Concerning nomenclature, Neanthes acuminata  sensu lato should be used to refer to the species complex ( Reish et al. 2014). While the name Neanthes caudata  is often found in literature for the European species, it is not an available name. Delle Chiaje (1825) wrongly applied the name Spio caudatus  Lamarck, 1818 to a nereidid, thus the name is based on a misidentification. The next available name is Neanthes acuminata  (see detailed notes by G. Read for S. caudatus Lamarck, 1818, Spio caudatus sensu Delle Chiaje, 1827 and N. caudata (sensu Delle Chiaje, 1827)), a species described from the Gulf of Naples.