Inversodicraea tchoutoi Cheek, Blumea 62: 149 (2017)

Kuetegue, Felix, Sonke, Bonaventure & Ameka, Gabriel K., 2019, A checklist of rheophytes of Cameroon, PhytoKeys 121, pp. 81-131 : 81

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Inversodicraea tchoutoi Cheek, Blumea 62: 149 (2017)


13. Inversodicraea tchoutoi Cheek, Blumea 62: 149 (2017)


Cameroon, P. Tchouto 3378 (YA).

Specimens examined.

South Region, Campo Ma’an Area, Boucle du Ntem, near Meyas Ntem, 2°20'N, 10°35'E, 480 m alt., 16 Feb 2001, P. Tchouto 3170 (K, KRI, SCA, WAG); Memve’ele waterfalls, 2°24'N, 10°21'E, 360 m alt., 17 Jan 2002, P. Tchouto 3376 (K, KRI, SCA, R. Letouzey 10299 (P).


Waterfalls in evergreen forest.


Cameroon (Fig. 25 View Figures 20–25 ).

Conservation status in Cameroon.

Inversodicraea tchoutoi has not yet been assessed for the IUCN Red List. The taxon is known from only the Memve’ele waterfalls. The extent of occurrence is about 2 km2, and the area of occupancy is also about 2 km2. The main threat is the construction of a dam on the Ntem River and touristic activities. The species is here assessed as Critically Endangered. IUCN Red List Category: Critically Endangered CRB1+2ab (ii, iii).