Clavelina sp.

A. Palomino-Alvarez, Lilian, Moreira Rocha, Rosana & Simoes, Nuno, 2019, Checklist of ascidians (Chordata, Tunicata) from the southern Gulf of Mexico, ZooKeys 832, pp. 1-33: 1

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Clavelina sp.


Clavelina sp.  

Material examined.

CAGoM-0006, CAGoM-0007, Arn 1, 2 m, 19-03-2015, leg. L. Palomino-Alvarez; CAGoM-0021, Arn 2, 6 m, 19-03-2015, leg. L. Palomino-Alvarez.


This species is dark blue with characteristics that do not match any known species and will be described elsewhere. The single colony found was small with few zooids (Table 1).