Ablabesmyia Johannsen,

Saether, Ole A., 2011, Notes on some tanypods from Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (Diptera: Chironomidae), Zootaxa 3069, pp. 26-42: 31

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.201708

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Ablabesmyia Johannsen


Ablabesmyia Johannsen 

Seven species of Ablabesmyia  were found in the light traps: Ablabesmyia (Karelia) illinoensis (Malloch)  , A. (K.) philosphagnos Beck & Beck  , A. (K.) pulchripennis (Lundbeck)  , A. (A.) mallochi (Walley)  , A. (A.) aspera (Roback)  , A. (A.) basalis (Walley)  , A. (A.) monilis auct  . nec L., and A. (Asayia) annulata (Say)  . Of these, however, four were never taken from bottom samples in 1969. Only A. (A.) annulata  was common in the dredge samples. The genus is treated in a separate paper ( Saether 2011).