Psectrotanypus (Psectrotanypus) dyari (Coquillett),

Saether, Ole A., 2011, Notes on some tanypods from Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (Diptera: Chironomidae), Zootaxa 3069, pp. 26-42: 31

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.201708

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Psectrotanypus (Psectrotanypus) dyari (Coquillett)


Psectrotanypus (Psectrotanypus) dyari (Coquillett) 

Material examined. CANADA: Manitoba, Lake Winnipeg, Victoria Beach, 1 male, 9.vii. 1969.

The wing markings of this specimen differ slightly from those figured by Roback (1971 figs. 213, 215). However, there seems to be little doubt about the identification which also has been confirmed by Dr. S. S. Roback.

Distribution and ecology. According to Roback (1971: 98–99) P. d y a r i is a very common species tolerating a wide variety of ecological conditions. It is found in the cleanest waters as well as in some of the most polluted. The species is known from ponds, lakes, rivers and streams over most of North America ( Roback 1971: 100, 1978: 174; Oliver et al. 1990: 9; Spies 1999; Epler 2003, 2010; Caldwell 2009; Ashe & O’Connor 2009: 219).