Oncometopia hamiltoni, Rakitov, Roman, 2016

Rakitov, Roman, 2016, The Oncometopia orbona species group (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae, Proconiini), Zootaxa 4168 (1), pp. 109-133: 118-121

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Oncometopia hamiltoni

new species

Oncometopia hamiltoni   , new species

( Figs. 1 View FIGURE 1 Q–X, 4)

Oncometopia nigricans   ; Schröder 1959: 17 [listed, described, pl. 1, figs. 5–6; error] Oncometopia clarior   ; Young 1968: 224 [fig. 210; error]

Description. Length of male 9.1–11.4 mm, female 10.3–11.4 mm. Outer contour of antennal ledges in dorsal view rounded or only slightly angular. Lateral parts of thorax densely pubescent. Forewing with claval veins subparallel, or fused for short distance, or connected by crossvein. Other external characters as in O. orbona   .

Coloration. Head ( Fig. 4 View FIGURE 4 A) yellow to reddish tan to brown, peppered with minute red dots, usually without dark pattern; in some specimens low-contrast dark markings are present as follows: crown with linear markings extending from apex to upper ends of lateral frontal sutures (forming bell-shaped outline enclosing anteromedian area of crown), multiple thin parallel lines on muscle impressions areas, pair of transverse markings over lateral branches of coronal suture, pair of oblique markings extending posterad from extremities of these branches, variable small markings between ocellus and inner margin of eye, bracket-shaped marking near posterior inner angle of eye, pair of small round marks on posterior margin equidistant between midline and adjacent eye margin, and another pair halfway between these and midline; antennal ledges with short linear or wedge-shaped mark near eye margin, extended along dorsal margin, not reaching lateral frontal suture; transclypeal suture with pair of transverse linear markings laterally; apex of anteclypeus darkened. Pronotum disc ( Fig. 4 View FIGURE 4 A) anteriorly with transverse band occupying approximately 1/4 of disc length along median and 1/3 laterally, concolorous with head, without dark pattern or with variable small indistinct markings, posteriorly concolorous with forewings, light to dark blue, reddish blue, or reddish brown to dark brown, often partly gray due to post mortem drying. Mesonotum yellow, concolorous with anterior portion of pronotum, without dark pattern or with pair of faint arcuate linear markings delimiting anterolateral angles; scutellum yellow. Lateral and ventral thorax and legs yellow to reddish tan, peppered with minute red dots. Forewings reddish brown ( Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1 Q–V) or blue ( Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1 W, X). Abdomen yellow, except median portions of abdominal terga III–VII black, abdominal sterna with pair of dark triangular maculae at anterior margins, decreasing in size toward abdomen apex.

Male terminalia. As in O. nigricans   ( Fig. 4 View FIGURE 4 B–M).

Female terminalia. As in O. nigricans   ( Fig. 4 View FIGURE 4 N–P).

Distribution. Gulf Coastal Plains in Texas to Veracruz ( Fig. 4 View FIGURE 4 R). Young’s mention of his having examined specimens of the same species from Guatemala ( Young 1968: 222) appears erroneous.

Types. Holotype male [ USNM]: U.S.A., Texas, Bexar Co., 03.vii.1977, J. F. Reinert   . Paratypes: same locality as holotype, 03.viii.1963, J. F. Reinert [1♀, USNM]   .

Additional material examined: U.S.A.: TEXAS: Aransas Co., 5 mi SW of Austwell, 23.v.1980, D. W. Webb [1Ƌ, INHS]   ; Atascosa Co., Jordanton , 17.iii.1994, W. F. Chamberlain [1♀, TAMU]   ; Bandera Co., 1 mi W of Bandera, 13.vi.1982, S. J. Hanselmann [3Ƌ, 3♀, TAMU]   ; Bexar Co., S. Antonio? [1Ƌ, 1♀, USNM]   ; Brewster Co., Alpine , 17.vi.1934, [no collector] [1♀, EMEC]   ; Brooks Co., 15 mi N of Falfurrias, 08.v.1988, W. F. Chamberlain [1Ƌ, 2♀, TAMU]   ; 16 mi W of Falfurrias , 13.iv.1975, W. F. Chamberlain [1Ƌ, 1♀, TAMU]   ; 20 mi W of Falfurrias , 26.iv.1976, W. F. Chamberlain [1Ƌ, TAMU]   ; Rdsd. Pk., 24.v.1972, R. E. Beer, W. R. Enns, & S. E. Thewke [1Ƌ, KSEM]; Cameron Co., Brownsville , 31.v.1933, P. W. Oman [1Ƌ, USNM]   ; same, 10-13.iii.1979, T. Friedlander [2Ƌ, TAMU]; same, 10.viii.1972, G. F. and S. Hevel [1♀, USNM]; same, [no date], Wickam [1Ƌ, 1♀, USNM]; same, [no date], C. H. T. Townsend [2♀, USNM]; same, 03.ii.1919, E. L. Diven [1♀, USNM]; same, 12.v.1919, E. L. Diven [1♀, USNM]; same, 04.i.1932, E. D. Ball [1♀, USNM]; same, 14.iii.1979, C. W. Agnew [1♀, TAMU]; same, 01.vi.1903, [1♀, USNM]; same, 11.iii.1979, C. W. Agnew [1Ƌ, TAMU]; same, 20.iii.1936, P. A. Glick [1Ƌ, USNM]; same, 31.v.1933, P. W. Oman [1♀, USNM]   ; same, 04.viii.1967, H. R. Burke & J. Hafernik [1♀, TAMU]; same, cotton, 04.iii.1936, P. A. Glick [1Ƌ, 3♀, USNM]; same, Esperanza Ranch, May, [2Ƌ, 1♀, USNM]; same, on grapefruit tree, 16.iv.1962, J. H. Day [2♀, TAMU]; Sta. Maria, 20.v.1895, [1Ƌ, USNM]; same, 20.v.1895, [no collector] [1♀, USNM]; vicinity Southmost school, 01.v.1979, C. L. Smith [2Ƌ, 1♀, UGCA]   ; Comal Co., New Braunfels , 190-200 m., 11.vii.1976, N. L. H. Krauss [2Ƌ, AMNH]   ; DeWitt Co., [no town] 503 E. Morgan Ave., 22.ix.2002, L. Fuller [1♀, TAMU]   ; Duval Co., San Diego , 29.vi.1930, H. M. Smith [1Ƌ, 3♀, KSEM]   ; Frio Co., 1 mi E of Pearsall, 23.vi.1983, D. A. Dean [1♀, TAMU]   ; 2 mi N of Pearsall , 08.v.1976, J. C. Schaffner [1♀, TAMU]   ; Gillespie Co., Fredericksburg, USDA experimental colony, [no date], donated by I. Lauziere, [3Ƌ, 2♀, INHS]   ; Hidalgo Co., Linn , 25.iv.1976, W. F. Chamberlain [1♀, TAMU]   ; Mission, 1935, Chas. E. Burt [2♀, USNM]; same, on alfalfa, 22.xi.1944, [1♀, USNM]; Jim Hogg Co., Hebbronville , boll weevil pheromone trap, 10.v.1997, R. D. Parker [1♀, TAMU]   ; Jim Wells Co., 8 mi W of Ben Bolt, La Copita Res. Sta. , 20.v.1987, J. C. Schaffner [1♀, TAMU]   ; Alice , 28.v.1933, P. W. Oman [1Ƌ, USNM]   ; La Copita Research Area , immatures, adults on Lantana urticoides   , 15.v.1993, W. A. Palmer [3Ƌ, TAMU]   ; same, on Lantana horrida   , 17.vii.1987, W. A. Palmer [2♀, USNM]; same, 8 mi W of Ben Bolt , 20-21.v.1987, J. C. Schaffner [1♀, TAMU]   ; Kenedy Co., 18 mi S of Sarita, 05.vi.1961, U. Kans. Mex. Exped. [1Ƌ, KSEM]   ; 20 mi S of Sarita , 20.v.1994, W. F. Chamberlain [3♀, TAMU]   ; 25 mi S of Kingsville , 20.iv.1974, J. C. Schaffner [3Ƌ, TAMU]   ; 25.3 mi S of Sarita , off Rte. 77, 13.x.1985, C. L. Smith [1♀, UGCA]   ; 30 mi S of Kingsville , 15.i.1976, D. S. Starks [2♀, EMEC]   ; 30 mi S of Sarita , 20.v.1994, W. F. Chamberlain [2Ƌ, 4♀, TAMU]   ; 4.4 mi S of Sarita , 07.ii.1974, W. E. Clark [9Ƌ, 5♀, TAMU]   ; 5 mi N of Norias , 22.v.1981, J. Doyen, J. K. Liebherr [1Ƌ, 2♀, EMEC]   ; Kenedy Ranch, Jaboncillos Pasture , San Pedro Camp, 21.iv.2001, J. A. Jackman [1Ƌ, 2♀, TAMU]   ; Kleberg Co., 20 mi SE of Kingsville, 01.v.1985, W. J. Pulawski [1Ƌ, 1♀, CAS]   ; same, 01.v.1986, W. J. Pulawski [2♀, CAS]; La Salle Co., Esperanza Ranch, May [1♀, USNM]   ; Leon Co., Russell, Irish potato, 22.xi.1944 [1♀, USNM]   ; Live Oak Co., 10 mi S of George West, 22.iv.1978, D. W. Pitt [1Ƌ, TAMU]   ; 8 mi S of George West, sweeping Garza pasture, 22.viii.1975, D. W. Pitt [1Ƌ, 1♀, TAMU]   ; same, sweeping on Spring Creek , 25.viii.1975, D. W. Pitt [1♀, TAMU]   ; George West , 23.iii.1981, W. F. Chamberlain [2Ƌ, 3♀, TAMU]   ; Nueces Co., 4 mi W of Mathis, ex. Helianthus   , 17.vii.1954, U. Kans. Mex. Exped. [1Ƌ, KSEM]   ; 5 mi N of Agua Dulce , 23.iii.1986, W. F. Chamberlain [2♀, TAMU]   ; 5 mi S of Mathis , on Helianthus annnulus   , 17.vii.1954, U. Kans. Mex. Exped. [1Ƌ, KSEM]   ; Corpus Christi , 27.vii.1944, Ball [1♀, USNM]   ; same, 27.vii.1944, [E. D. Ball?] [1♀, USNM]; same, Sunrise RV park, 23.iii.1986, W. F. Chamberlain [2Ƌ, 2♀, TAMU]; Robstown , ex. sweet potato, 22xii.1942, W. C. Maxwell [1Ƌ, USNM]   ; [no locality], on cotton, 01.vi.1960, [2Ƌ, TAMU]; [no town], 28.iv.1896, Marlatt [2Ƌ, 1♀, USNM]; Refugio Co., Rockport , 21.v.1980, Lisowski & Webb [1Ƌ, INHS]   ; San Patricio Co., Corpus Christi State Rec. Area , 01.vii.1985, W. F. Chamberlain [1Ƌ, TAMU]   ; Lk. Corpus Christi St. Pk., 23.v.1972, R. E. Beer, W. R. Enns, & S. E. Thewke [1Ƌ, KSEM]   ; Mathis , 04.vi.1964, H. R. Burke [1♀, TAMU]   ; Welder Wildlife Refuge [8mi NE of Sinton], 19.vi.1971, J. C. 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Chamberlain [1♀, TAMU]; QUERETARO: 5 mi NW of Jalpan , 24.vii.1970, Murray, Phelps, Hart, & Schaffner [1♀, TAMU]   ; SAN LUIS POTOSÍ: 2 mi SE of Pedro Montoya , 25.vii.1970, Murray, Phelps, Hart, & Schaffner [1♀, TAMU]   ; same, 27.vii.1970, Murray, Phelps, Hart, & Schaffner [1Ƌ, 4♀, TAMU]; 9.5 km W of Sta. Catarina , 15.iv.1990, Ferreira, Schaffner [1Ƌ, TAMU]   ; TAMAULIPAS: 11 mi N of Tampico , 24.viii.1974, W. E. Clark [2♀, TAMU]   ; 12 mi NE of San Fernando, 11.viii.1954, Ray F. Smith [1Ƌ, EMEC]   ; 4 mi NE of Jaumave , 20.ix.1976, J. A. Chemsak, J. Powell, A. & M. Michelbacher [1♀, EMEC]   ; 8.5 mi S of Soto la Marina, 14.vii.1973, Gaumer & Clark [1Ƌ, 1♀, TAMU]   ; 82 km E of Ciudad Victoria, Hwy. 70, 03.vii.1986, Jones, Kovarik, Schaeffner [1♀, TAMU]   ; Ciudad Victoria , on Hibiscus   , 28.x.2001, S. N. Myartseva [1Ƌ, 1♀, INHS]   ; Santa Engracia , 20.x.1937, J. W. Monk [1Ƌ, 4♀, TAMU]   ; VERACRUZ: " Dunas Costadas " 3 km E of jct. Hwys. 150 & 180, 02.i.1982, E. M. May [1Ƌ, KSEM]   ; [no locality], 29.viii.1962, G. M. Chamberlain [1Ƌ, 4♀, TAMU]; [no locality], 30.vi.1953, U. Kans. Mex. Exped. [1Ƌ, 1♀, KSEM]   ; 1 mi W of Anton Lizardo , 23.vii.1963, M. G. Naumann [2Ƌ, KSEM]   ; 3 mi SSE of Veracruz, 10.viii.1954, A. A. Alcorn [1Ƌ, KSEM]   ; Alvarado , 06.ix.1968, Veryl V. Board [1Ƌ, TAMU]   ; El Conchal, S of Veracruz, 20.vii.1990, I. Yarom [1Ƌ, 1♀, KSEM]   ; La Piedra , 30.viii.1962, [no collector] [1♀, TAMU]   ; Rt. 180, km #31, 17 km NW of Alvarado , 28.x.2001, D. M. Takiya [1Ƌ, INHS]   ; Veracruz, 20.vi.1951, P. D. Hurd [5Ƌ, 1♀, EMEC]   ; UNKNOWN STATE: [no locality, date], Signoret [1Ƌ, NMW]; [no locality], 1871, Bilimek [1Ƌ, NMW].

Notes. The new species is nearly identical to O. nigricans   in the structure of both male and female genitalia, but differs from it markedly in the body shape and coloration ( Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1 Q–X). It is more robust than both O. orbona   and O. nigricans   , which is obvious at a glance and was confirmed by the principal component analysis of body measurements ( Fig. 5 View FIGURE 5 ). Throughout most of its range the new species completely lacks blue forewing pigmentation and dark linear markings on the body and forewings, typical of both O. orbona   and O. nigricans   ( Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1 A–P). However, specimens from the southernmost localities, in Veracruz ( Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1 W, X), deviate from this description by having dark blue forewings and faint dark markings on the head, resembling the general pattern more strongly developed in other members of the Oncometopia orbona   species group.

Oncometopia orbona   , O. nigricans   , and O. hamiltoni   n. sp. thus display an intriguing pattern of similarity, which begs for explanation: O. nigricans   is nearly identical to O. orbona   in its external appearance and to O. hamiltoni   n. sp. in the structure of its male and female genitalia.

Two males from the Naturhistorisches Museum in Wien, identified by Schröder (1959) as O. nigricans   , were reexamined and confirmed as belonging to the new species. In addition to Schröder’s identification labels, one specimen bears the label “Bilimek, Mexico, 1871,” and another “ Mexico, Coll. Signoret.”

Etymology. The species is named for the major Auchenorrhyncha expert Dr. K. G. A. Hamilton.


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Oncometopia hamiltoni

Rakitov, Roman 2016

Oncometopia nigricans

Young 1968: 224
Schroder 1959: 17