Baeus spirolimbus, Stevens, 2007

Stevens, N. B. & Austin, A. D., 2007, Systematics, distribution and biology of the Australian ' micro-flea' wasps, Baeus spp. (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae): parasitoids of spider eggs., Zootaxa 1499, pp. 1-45 : 37-38

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Baeus spirolimbus, Stevens

sp. nov.

17. Baeus spirolimbus, Stevens   HNS , sp. nov.

(Figs 13C & D, 17A)

Holotype, [[female]], Queensland, ' Maroochy Hort Res Stn, Nambour, S.E. QLD , 22.iii-3.iv.1985. Malaise Trap' ( ANIC).

Paratypes: Queensland: 2 [[females]], Casey Ck via Imbil , 30.xii.1974-27.iii.1975,, G.B. & S.R. Monteith ( QDPC) ; 1 [[female]], Black Butt Range, Benarkin , 10.i-28.iii.1975, G.B. & S.R Monteith ( QDPC) ; 2 [[females]], Laceys Ck, Mission Beach , 17.54S 146.06E, 13-14.v.1980, I.D. Naumann & J.C. Cardale ( ANIC) GoogleMaps ; 1 [[female]], Windsor Tableland via Mt Carbine , 22.ix-16.x.1983, Storey & Titmarsh ( WINC) ; 2 [[females]], Davies Ck Rd, 16 km up via Mareeba , 4-13.iii.1983, 18 km up , 18.i-2.ii.1985, Storey & Titmarsh ( QDPC) ; 2 [[females]], State Forest nr Caloundra turn-off , 8.iii.1984, I.D. Galloway ( QDPC) ; 2 [[females]], Kuranda , 6 km NW, 2.x-6.xi.1984 ( QDPC) ; 7 [[females]], Kuranda , 6 km SW, 10.xii.1984-15.i.1985, Storey & Halfpapp ( QDPC) ; 1 [[female]], same data as holotype ( ANIC) ; 1 [[female]], ' Maroochy Hort Res Stn, Nambour , 22.iii-3.iv.1985. Malaise Trap ( ANIC) ; 1 [[female]], Julatten , 20-29.x.1987, A. Walford-Huggins ( WINC) ; 5 [[females]], Lake Eacham , 17.17S 145.39E, 15.ii-2.iii.1988, 2-16.iii.1988, 16- 29.iii.1988, D. Rentz ( ANIC) GoogleMaps ; 19 [[females]], Bald Hill, McIlwraith Ra. , 13.43S 143.19E,, I. Naumann ( ANIC) GoogleMaps ; 17 [[females]], Batavia Downs , 12.41S 142.41E, 23.viii-16 ix.1992, P. Zborowski & L. Miller ( ANIC) GoogleMaps ; 14 [[females]], Heathlands Research Reserve , 11.45S 142.35E, 25.vii-18.viii.1992, P. Zborowski & J. Cardale, 18.ix-21.x.1992, P. Zborowski & T. Weir, 5.iv-23.v.1993, P. Zborowski & A. Roach,, P. Zborowski & I. Naumann ( ANIC) GoogleMaps .

Description. Female. Mean length 0.82 mm (0.76-0.88; n = 5); body and head brown, legs and antennae yellow, both with darker markings on dorsal surfaces.

Head 2.63 (2.33-2.80) x as wide as inter-ocular distance, and 1.71 (1.52-1.83) x as wide as long; medial ocellus 15 µm in diameter, 106 (90-120) µm from posterior head margin; lateral ocelli touching eye margin, 24 (20-30) µm from posterior head margin; posterior ocellar line 1.38 (1.27-1.47) x inter-ocular distance; vertex coriarious, pilosity mostly dense, may have patches of moderate density, length generally of medium length, although some rows can exhibit short setae towards the anterior regions of the vertex; eyes large and ovoid, eye height 0.58 (0.56-0.61), eye width 0.58 (0.50-0.61) x length, pilosity short; frontal carina prominent, reaching 0.56 (0.50-0.67) distance to medial ocellus; lateral cristulations of malar region reaching to within 10 µm of eye margin; in postero-lateral view, anterior and posterior genal margins parallel medially; anterior genal margin in contact with 0.51 of ventral eye margin length; posterior eye margin touching hyperoccipital carina.

Mesosoma. Length 0.63 (0.61-0.64) x width; mesoscutum and mesoscutellum coriarious, pilosity mostly of moderate density, and of medium length but can be long in parts; propodeum glabrous medio-dorsally; mesoscutum length 0.43 (0.42-0.44) x width, 0.63 (0.61-0.65) x mesosoma length and 2.44 (2.20-2.80) x mesoscutellum length; mesoscutellum 2.33 (1.67-2.50) x as long as propodeum; sculpturing of dorsal mesopleuron scrobiculate, sculpturing extending ventral to level of dorsal metapleuron; sculpturing of laterodorsal propodeum around spiracle mostly smooth with few fine setae present; propodeal spiracle opening small and ovoid, situated on lateral margin of dorsal propodeum (Fig. 13C), which is delineated from lateral propodeum by distinct, laterally projecting carina (Fig. 13D; large arrow); distinctive quarter-circle shaped recess present below lateral carina (Fig. 13D; small arrow); posterior margin of metapleuron curving dorsally, ending ventral to level of antero-lateral margin of T2, posterior region level with anterior region of lateral propodeum, depression present in medial region of posterior metapleuron and anterior propodeum; hind femoral spine reduced.

Metasoma. T2 length 0.87 (0.83-0.89), sculpturing coriarious; pilosity generally of moderate density medio-anteriorly, but sparse elsewhere, and mostly long in length, but can be of medium length in parts; both T3 and T4 smooth, non-pilose medially.

Comments. Notable features of this species are the propodeal spiracle being situated close to the lateral margin of the laterally projecting carina, and the distinctive quarter-circle shape of the recess below this lateral carina.

It is confined to north eastern Australia (Fig 17A).

The name 'spirolimbus' is from the Latin words that relate to the closeness of the propodeal spiracle to the lateral margin of the lateral carina; spiro, meaning breathe, and limbus, meaning fringe.