Bembecia lomatiaeformis ( Lederer, 1853 )

Bąkowski, Marek & Fajfer, Daniel, 2019, Morphology of pupae of five species of the genus Bembecia - group ichneumoniformis (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae), Zootaxa 4638 (1), pp. 81-94 : 83

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4638.1.3

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Bembecia lomatiaeformis ( Lederer, 1853 )


Bembecia lomatiaeformis ( Lederer, 1853) View in CoL

2 exuviae—male, female ( Greece 1998).

Length and width: 13.43–15.73× 4.09–4.23 mm (average 14.6× 4.2 mm).

Plate of head projection blade smoothly rounded and shorter than half of its width in dorsal view. Frontal setae situated slightly behind the level of lateral angles of frons in dorsal view. Depressions on frons small, shallow and with radiant wrinkles ( Fig. 6a View FIGURE 6 ). Dark margin of head projection narrow and no curved in lateral view. Frons rises from blade of projection steeply in lateral view. Lateral depression on head relatively narrow and concave caudoventrally ( Fig. 6b View FIGURE 6 ). Clypeal setae Cl 2 close to each other. Distance between setae Cl 2 approximately 2× greater than the distance of C1 2 from Cl 1. Postclypeus separated from labrum by a dark rim. Labrum relatively long and large, rounded at end, with a small depression ( Fig. 6c View FIGURE 6 ). End of abdomen in ventral view heart-shaped and distinctly pointed at end. Cremaster approximately equal in length to anal suture in male. In female distinctly shorter than anal suture. Anal area slightly convex ( Fig. 6d View FIGURE 6 ).

Diagnosis. B. lomatiaeformis is easily distinguished from other study species by the presence of short, and not curved in lateral view head projection.

Biology. Biennial. Larvae feed in the roots of Astragalus angustifolius Lam. (Fabaceae) .

Distribution. Greece, Turkey ( Laštůvka & Laštůvka 2001).













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