Hammerschmidtia ingrica Stackelberg, 1952

Polevoi, Alexei, Ruokolainen, Anna & Shorohova, Ekaterina, 2018, Eleven remarkable Diptera species, emerged from fallen aspens in Kivach Nature Reserve, Russian Karelia, Biodiversity Data Journal 6, pp. 22175-22175: 22175

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Hammerschmidtia ingrica Stackelberg, 1952


Hammerschmidtia ingrica Stackelberg, 1952  


Type status: Other material. Occurrence: recordedBy: A. Polevoi; sex: 3 males, 1 females; Location: country: Russia; stateProvince: Karelia; locality: Kivach Nature Reserve ; verbatimLatitude: 62.281; verbatimLongitude: 33.967; verbatimCoordinateSystem: Decimal degrees; verbatimSRS: WGS84; Identification: identifiedBy: A. Polevoi; Event: samplingProtocol: Trunk emergence trap; eventDate: 2016-04-25 /05-26; Record Level: institutionCode: FRIP  


Easily distinguished from more common H. ferruginea   Fallén by smaller body size and short feathering of the arista (Fig. 11, see also Kerppola (2011), fig. 2-4).


Palaearctic. Few specimens are known from Finland and Leningrad province of Russia ( Kerppola 2011). In East Russia, recorded from the republic of Tyva to Primorje region ( Krivosheina 2003).


Saproxylic species, associated with deciduous trees ( Krivosheina 2003). This fly was collected from a wind-broken aspen, colonised by 7 species of macrofungi Table 1.


Red-listed in Leningrad province of Russia ( Krivokhatsky and Kuznetsov 2002).