Cheumatopsyche chinensis

Oláh, J. & Johanson, K. A., 2008, Generic review of Hydropsychinae, with description of Schmidopsyche, new genus, 3 new genus clusters, 8 new species groups, 4 new species clades, 12 new species clusters and 62 new species from the Oriental and Afrotropical regions (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae), Zootaxa 1802, pp. 1-248: 226

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Cheumatopsyche chinensis


Cheumatopsyche chinensis   species group

Species group of fused monolobed segment X with upturning mostly spiny apex of the setose ventroapical lobe. The fused setose ventroapical lobes with upturning apices dominate the genital structure, only the very spiny tip of the lobes remained separated. As a result segment X is nearly monolobed, except a very narrow and shallow dorsal interlobural gap remained between the upturning apices or a small convex unsetose mesal lobe developed as visible in dorsal aspect. The preanal appendages form an elevated wart-like setose surface. The harpago mostly short and broad. These remarkable animals with very similar genital architecture are widely distributed in Oriental, East-Palearctic, Afrotropical and Madagascan biogeographical regions and some species C. albomaculata (Ulmer)   , C. amurensis Martynov   , C. chinensis (Martynov)   , C. processuata (Martynov)   have rather lagre distributional area ( Oláh et al. 2008).