Martynov, Alexander, 2010, Reassessment of the classification of the Ophiuroidea (Echinodermata), based on morphological characters. I. General character evaluation and delineation of the families Ophiomyxidae and Ophiacanthidae 2697, Zootaxa 2697, pp. 1-154: 44

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Ophiotominae  in the traditional sense and new results

The taxonomy of the family Ophiacanthidae   is one of the most complicated within the Ophiuroidea  . Some of the representatives of this large family are apparently similar to the Ophiomyxidae   ( Ophiotominae  according to Paterson (1985)), whereas others are similar to other distantly-related brittle-star groups. A genus-level revision of the family Ophiacanthidae   is a desirable, but a not yet completed task. Therefore, the family Ophiacanthidae   appeared to be a good candidate to test the usefulness of the internal and microstructural characters for ophiuroid taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships. Herein, a critical review of the genera included in the ophiacanthid subfamily Ophiotominae  is presented. Below are listed in alphabetical order, all the genera of the subfamily Ophiotominae, sensu Paterson (1985)  . For each genus, a diagnosis (including both external and internal characters) and a key for identification of species are provided. Type specimens, as far as were available, were used for diagnosis and keys. Appropriate taxonomic remarks were added, where necessary. A general discussion on the genera of the Ophiotominae  and their taxonomic re-evaluation according to the newly obtained results will be presented in separate sections.