Pila scutata (Mousson, 1848),

Ng, Ting Hui, Dulipat, Jasrul, Foon, Junn Kitt, Lopes-Lima, Manuel, Alexandra Zieritz, & Liew, Thor-Seng, 2017, A preliminary checklist of the freshwater snails of Sabah (Malaysian Borneo) deposited in the BORNEENSIS collection, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, ZooKeys 673, pp. 105-123: 106

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Pila scutata (Mousson, 1848)


Pila scutata (Mousson, 1848)  Figure 2B


Ampullaria conica  W. Wood, 1828; Ampullaria orientalis  Philippi, 1849; Ampullaria borneensis  Philippi, 1852; Ampullaria lubrica  Reeve, 1856; Ampullaria vittata  Reeve, 1856; Ampullaria complicata  Reeve, 1856; Ampullaria stoliczkana  Nevill, 1877; Ampullaria wellesleyensis  de Morgan, 1885; Pachylabra javanica var. fruhstorferi  Kobelt, 1912; Pachylabra  ( lubrica  var.?) quadrasi Kobelt, 1912.

Material examined.


Distribution and habitat.

The single specimen was collected from a limestone hill in the Lower Kinabatangan valley.


The species has previously been recorded from Tuaran and appeared to have been eaten by local communities ( Lim et al. 1976).