Seeversiella globicollis (Bernhauer, 1907),

Webster, Reginald P., Klimaszewski, Jan, Bourdon, Caroline, Sweeney, Jon D., Hughes, Cory C. & Labrecque, Myriam, 2016, Further contributions to the Aleocharinae (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) fauna of New Brunswick and Canada including descriptions of 27 new species, ZooKeys 573, pp. 85-216: 139

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Seeversiella globicollis (Bernhauer, 1907)


Taxon classification Animalia Coleoptera Staphylinidae

Seeversiella globicollis (Bernhauer, 1907)  Figs 263-270

Seeversiella globicollis  (For diagnosis, see Klimaszewski et al. 2011)

Material examined.

New Brunswick, Restigouche Co., Dionne Brook P.N.A., 47.9030°N, 68.3503°W, 25.V.2011, R.P. Webster // Old-growth northern hardwood forest, in moose dung (1 ♀, RWC); Dionne Brook P.N.A., 47.9064°N, 68.3441°W, 15-27.VI.2011, M. Roy & V. Webster // Lindgren funnel trap, Old-growth white spruce and balsam fir forest (1 ♀, RWC).

Natural history.

One NB specimen was collected from moose dung in an old-growth northern hardwood forest; another was captured in a Lindgren funnel trap in an adjacent old-growth white spruce and balsam fir forest. In NF, adults were collected from pitfall traps in fir and riparian forests ( Klimaszewski et al. 2011). Gusarov (2003) reports the species from leaf litter, often near water. Specimens from NB were captured during May and June.

Distribution in Canada and Alaska.

BC, AB, SK, ON, QC, NB, NS, NF ( Gusarov 2003b; Majka and Klimaszewski 2008b; Klimaszewski et al. 2011; Bousquet et al. 2013, Klimaszewski et al. 2015a).