Nestrius Broun, 1893,

Morrone, Juan J., 2013, The subtribes and genera of the tribe Listroderini (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Cyclominae): Phylogenetic analysis with systematic and biogeographical accounts, ZooKeys 273, pp. 15-71: 40

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Nestrius Broun, 1893


Nestrius Broun, 1893 

Nestrius  Broun, 1893a: 1480.

Phyllodytes  Broun, 1893a: 1479 (non Wagler 1830, nec Gistel 1848, nec Finsch 1873) (type species: Phyllodytes foveatus  Broun, 1893a, by indication, monotypy).

Plotnus  Broun, 1893a: 1481 (type species: Phyllodytes ovithorax  Broun, 1893a, by indication, monotypy).

Proboscoelus  Broun, 1909: 55 (type species: Proboscoelus sculpturatus  Broun, 1909, by indication, monotypy).

Drymaria  Broun, 1909: 56 (type species: Drymaria cilipes  Broun, 1909, by indication, monotypy).

Phyllodytesius  Schenkling & Marshall, 1929: 57 (replacement name for Phyllodytes  Broun).

Type species.

Nestrius serripes  Broun, 1893a (by indication, monotypy).


Small to very small (2.8-5.0 mm); vestiture of seta-like scales and setae; rostrum relatively stout, medium-sized, with dorsal carinae; eyes lateral; funicular segment 2 elongate; pronotum subcylindrical; scutellum not visible.


Nestrius  is the sister genus to Falklandius-Lanteriella, confirming Kuschel’s ( 1964) suggestion that it was intermediate between Gromilus  and Falklandius  .

Species included.

Nestrius bifurcus  Kuschel, 1964; Nestrius cilipes  Broun, 1909; Nestrius crassicornis  Broun, 1915; Nestrius foveatus  (Broun, 1893); Nestrius hudsoni  Marshall, 1953; Nestrius irregularis  (Broun, 1910); Nestrius laqueorum  Kuschel, 1964; Nestrius ovithorax  (Broun, 1893); Nestrius prolixus  Broun, 1917; Nestrius serripes  Broun, 1893; Nestrius sculpturatus  (Broun, 1909); Nestrius simmondsi  Broun, 1921; Nestrius sulcirostris  Broun, 1917; Nestrius zenoscelis  Broun, 1921.

Geographical distribution.

New Zealand ( Schenkling and Marshall 1929; Kuschel 1964, 1971).

Material examined.

Nestrius foveatus  (MZFC) and Nestrius sculpturatus  (MZFC).