Sindosium collinsi, Darby, Michael, 2019

Darby, Michael, 2019, New Ptiliidae (Coleoptera) from Sarawak in the spirit collection of the Natural History Museum, London, European Journal of Taxonomy 512, pp. 1-50: 4-5

publication ID 10.5852/ejt.2019.512

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Sindosium collinsi

sp. nov.

Sindosium collinsi   sp. nov.

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Shares with S. foveatum   the pair of sulci under the mesoventral collar but distinguished from that species by the foveolate pronotum without a clearly defined medial fovea and by the shorter pubescence. From S. opacipenne   it may be distinguished by the foveolate mesoventrum and from S. bacchusi   by the form of the hind angles of the pronotum lacking semi-circular incursions.


Named after Nicholas M. Collins, the collector of the paratypes and of other Sarawak specimens.

Type material

Holotype MALAYSIA-BORNEO • ♀; Sarawak, 4 th Division, Gunung Mulu National Park ; May–Aug. 1978; P.M. Hammond and J.E. Marshall leg., BM 1978 -49; limestone forest litter; BMNH.  


MALAYSIA-BORNEO • 1 spec.; same data as for holotype; BMNH   3 specs (one example fragments only mounted as a slide); Sarawak; 200 m a.s.l.; 1978; N.M. Collins leg.; limestone forest, pitfalls; BMNH   .


SIZE. Habitus ( Fig. 2A View Fig ), length 0.94 mm.

COLOUR. Elytra dark brown, pronotum and head yellowish brown, antennae and legs yellow. Pronotum and elytra with pale pubescence the setae arising from small foveolae ( Fig. 2D View Fig ).

HEAD. With scattered longer pubescence. Distance across eyes 0.27 mm. Eyes prominent.Antennomeres III–XI, length 0.31 mm. Mentum setae forming only two rows; submentum with a pair of long setae ( Fig. 2C View Fig ).

PRONOTUM. Length 0.24 mm width 0.41 mm, with wide lateral borders and raised serrate margins, posterior border with raised margin ( Fig. 2D View Fig ).

ELYTRA. Length 0.56 mm, width 0.48 mm, undersides of lateral margins with a single row of setae.

VENTRUM. Proventrum narrow in front of procoxae, with rows of foveae along the anterior and posterior margins, coxal cavities open behind ( Fig. 2C View Fig ). Mesoventrum, without reticulation or pubescence, collar sloping posteriorly for a short distance onto lateral margins, without distinct humeri, with a narrow raised medial ridge extending posteriorly to raised, rounded projection, not extending between the mesocoxae, posterior margin of keel with a pair of deep fringed sulci ( Fig. 2E View Fig ). Mesocoxae separated by almost half their width ( Fig. 2E View Fig ). Metaventrum with scattered pubescence and strongly raised anterior margin between mesocoxae, posterior margin forming a narrow bifid projection between metacoxae, mesepiventral sutures apparent reaching posteriorly from mesocoxae to lateral margins. Wings of usual Sindosium   type.

FEMALE GENITALIA. Spermatheca ( Fig. 2B View Fig ).